Arden vale

Small City, Population:6500

History: Much like Mountain View Arden Vale was once a much larger city that has slowly been in decline. Another fort city that was used to protect the Arden vale Pass over the Dragon Back Mountains. Arden Vale has not suffered as much a depression as Mountain View did. The Arden Vale Pass being much easier to cross than the Ice reach pass so Arden Vale still receives most of the trade traffic and still has good political connections with its neighbor Hammerdrier the Dwarven home city. Arden Vale is one of the best places in the kingdom (outside of Hammerdrier) to buy dwarven made items and magic. Even the street names are written in both common and dwarven runes.

Primary Imports and Exports: Weapons, Armor, stoneworks, gems, precious metals, jewelry, dwarven engineering

Racial breakdown:
Human: 40%
Elven: 2%
Dwarven: 40%
Halfling/Gnome: 15%
Other: 3%

• Strike Gold!: Good/Expensive, Owner: Gronnen Axer (Dwarf Expert), 2 floors, 22 suites, Gambling room (dice and wheel of fortune games), Smoking lounge, Live entertainment, A popular choice for those who enjoy gambling, popcorn served as a free appetizer at every table. Menu includes Roast beef with gravy and roasted carrots and potatoes, Turkey stew with a large fresh roll, Rotisserie chicken quarters with mashed potatoes.
• Radiho: Excellent/Reasonable, Owner: Yassinim Algar (Human Adept), 3 floors, 28 Suites, Lots of booths, Live entertainment, Baths, Dwarven run for dwarves and their friends only, all the tables and chairs seem a little short… while the cook will make whatever you ask for his specializes in Dwarven foods like, Honey glazed ham hunks, slabs of rare or exotic meat and potatoes, carrots or tubers, all done to perfection of course.
• The Gully: Poor/Cheap, Joxap Cellion (Dwarf Fighter) 2 floors, 18 suites, Open roasting pit in common room, Weekly cock fights. There is no menu here you are given a plate and a knife and expected to serve your self off the roasting pit, generally speaking there is a whole hog or quarter of beef on a spit for your consumption often with a large kettle of baked beans on the side. Drinks include watery dark beer or very watery ale.

Temples and Shrines:
Temples: Belat, Erikki, Ishmara
Shrines: Osmat, Jakate, Ya’min, Wantaras

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Arden vale

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