Boxin clan 50

In the eastern province over 250 years ago the Boxin Clan was once the secret spy service for the Paymar dynasty. After “the purge” what was left of the clan went underground, they transformed themselves into smugglers, gamblers and animal fighters. They are the backbone of the black market in the eastern province. They have a deeply revered tradition of apprenticing street urchins, foundlings and occasionally orphans. None have parents or family to conflict with their work.

Prerequisite: All Boxin clan members have the urchin background (DD5e pg141)

Expertise: Most Boxin clan take Stealth and Slight of hand, but this is not a requirement.

Purpose The clan has 3 major purposes, at 3rd level you may pick one:

  • Smuggler: Gain advantage on stealth and Deception skill rolls. You take small and large shipments of illicit materials, objects, slaves from point to point. You are familiar with the various safe houses, drop locations and secret entrances used in your profession.
  • Gambler: Gain advantage on perception and gambling rolls. You hang out in sleazy bars hoping to milk coin out of passing strangers.
  • Animal fighter: Gain advantage in Animal handle and Slight of hand. You bread and train fighting animals (like dogs or cocks) for show. You have a “prize” fighting animal you keep in a cage or muzzle.

Apprentice: At 5th level it is tradition that all Boxin clan member take on and train an apprentice. This apprentice must be a family-less child. The are only required to train them to 1st level, but many Boxin clan members stay together for years of training.

Wink of an eye: 1/day At 9th level Boxin clan rogues can us a limited form of teleporting objects, each type of Boxin rogue uses it in a slightly different way:

  • Smugglers can teleport the most weight at 10 lbs of weight per rogue level, the greatest distance at 5’ per rogue level. They can only teleport unattended objects.
  • Gamblers are the most precise and can only teleport 1lb of weight but can take things like single cards out of a deck, or a small hand full of coins from inside a purse. If the object is possessed by someone they may make an opposed slight of hand vs perception roll to secretly teleport the item. They can only teleport 1’ per rogue level
  • Animal fighters can only use this ability to transport their fighting animals and they can teleport them 3’ per rogue level.

Partnered Strikes: At 13th level Boxin clan members can work with their allies to make everyone’s attacks better, When a target is within 5’ of you and an ally, all of you and your ally’s attacks have advantage and both of you can make a bonus attack.

The slip: At 17th level Boxin clan members can, if just for a moment pass through solid objects if only for one round. They can carry up to their encumbrance in weight with them. This ability refreshes with a short or long rest.

  • Smugglers: Often used to bypass unpassable doors, the Smugglers can do this a number of times equal to their intelligence modifier.
  • Gamblers: Can only do this once a day but it lasts for 1d4 rounds
  • Animal fighters: Can bring their animals with them or use this ability on them independently.

Boxin clan 50

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