Small town: Pop-1671
Found on the kings road between Grennta and Perraw next to the Irranwa river, by the delta. Ruled over by Lord Fordam Geryhaven a distant cousin of the king. Fordam takes a brutal view of the law and treats his subjects as his personal slaves. Those who resist his judgmental attitude are thrown in the stocks, some times for several days. Fordam is often seen being carried through town on a litter, as his left leg is totally lame. He is quick to insult and vicious to those that he deems lesser than himself.
Half a day outside of town is one of the druid circles placed on a small rocky island just off the coast.


  • Boars rest: Good/Pricy (KI) Owner: Gail Windworth (human warrior:6) 3 stories, 14 suites, hot bathes available, Menu: Poached fish or seafood stew with fresh bread and petite potatoes. Drink special: Hobgoblin’s eye (3GP) a slimy green mixture with a pealed green grape floating in it. It tastes like grape sherbet with a nasty kick. Boars rest is decorated in a minimalist style that is reminiscent of Swedish design. thin birch lanterns light the entire place.
  • Jollars Garden: excellent/Pricy Owner: Trenk Gollan (human expert) 2 stories, 6 suites, live entertainment every night. Menu: deep fried Octopus salad with a vinaigrette or oysters on the half shell served with kelp berry salad and a rich ranch style dressing. This fine establishment is decorated in a fine tapestries and clean linens. its spacious common room includes a large stage and dancing area.



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