Cannibal 50

Cannibal: They have done the unthinkable and eaten the flesh of their own race or intelligent humanoid race.

Patron: Sometimes known as “The hunger” or the “eater of flesh”, the patron of cannibals is always hungry. It teaches its students to hunt and kill others for the feast.

Expanded Spell List The Cannibal lets you choose from an expanded list of spells when you learn a warlock spell. The following spells are added to the warlock spell list for you.

1st Lure, Detect Poison and Disease
2nd Darkvision, Suggestion
3rd Bestow Curse, Slow
4th Phantasmal Killer, Grasping vine
5th Dream, Hold Monster

Feast bonus: At 1st level whenever a cannibal has engaged in cannibalism within 24 hours they gain advantage on their constitution saving throws.

Cackle At 6th level you can paralyze your victims in fear. They receive a Charisma save against your spell DC to resist, if they fail they are paralyzed This is a fear effect that lasts for 1 minute.

Feasting cauldron: At 10th level 1/day when you pour the remains of your victims into a specially prepared cauldron, you can boil them down to potions. Each victim must be a humanoid (preferably your own race), and produces a number of potions equal to the victims level (or Hd) When you take this potion it gives you a + 2 bonus to one attribute of your choice for 1 hour. The boiling process takes 1 hour. These can be stored like ordinary potions and do not expire until used. This ability refreshes with a long rest.

Telepathic Lure: At 14th level 1/day you can touch a victim, when you do they receive a charism save against your spell DC, if they fail, any time later within a number of days equal to your level, you can call to you victim. They will begin to travel to you in any way possible for the duration. During this time you can speak to them, call their name and give them directions. You can only have one person under a telepathic lure at a time. This only refreshes with a long rest.


Cannibal 50

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