DM info Daytar Leamay

Below you will find the DM’s Map which includes the locations of adventures, standing stone sites and anything else that is not common knowledge. You can also use the Maps tab to get a better view of the Daytar Leamay DM’s map.

DM’s Tools Kingdom Info Criminal Organizations
Random monster tables Current Kingdom politics The Mauwian Peoples Republic
New Monsters / Generic Monsters NPC’s by location Silken Hands
New Magic items Weather tables Black Specters
New templates Games Shadows Breath
New drugs Boats and ships of the kingdom Fugu Clan
Book references Notes on Inns The Cannibal Cooking Club
Boxin Clan

DM’s Map


Campaign Arcs level Individual Adventures level
The Hammerdrier Campaign arc 1-10 Kobold Quandary 1
The Cavernous Kingdoms under construction 5+ The Sewers of Grennta 1-6
The Ruins of Kebeta under construction 5-10 The Rat Warehouse 2
The CCC Storyline under construction 3+ The Dragon Crisis 3
Bounty Board 3-6
Quest Locations The Tunnels Beneath the Lake 4+
Meeting Tessy 5 Solo
The Crystal Cavern Po’s House 6
Haven and Skylake Tar Nabar 6
Gorans Tomb 7
Head masters vaults 10
The Pit of Justice unfinished
The cemetery of lies unfinished
Pirates Cove unfinished

DM info Daytar Leamay

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