Dreer ford

Dreerford.pngSmall City, Population:8500

History: A mostly elven city perched at the banks of the Taylen river. Many find Dreerford to be quite confusing as it is built both on the ground and in the trees with many walkways and staircases. With the exception the kings road, the city lacks roads in the traditional sense but rather it has an elaborate system of rock markers that show the way around. (third tree to the right from the rooster shaped marker stone….)Horses and carts must be left at the gates.

Primary Imports and Exports: Lumber, fish, game meats

Racial breakdown:
Human: 30%
Elven: 35%
Dwarven: 1%
Halfling/Gnome: 20%
Other : 14% (a large number of “friendly” monstrous humanoids live here)

• Green Goblin Inn: Good/Pricy, Owner Myilla Obanan (½ elf expert)Tree level, 2 floors, 17 suites, Booths, Hungarian decor with a large fish tank full of gold fish behind the bar. Menu items include Snitizel with roaster peppers and onions in a marinara sauce, or sausage with roasted potatoes, drink special- the fishslap (4GP, moonshine and live goldfish)
• Baby Jays (House of whiners) Owner: Jay (1/2 Orc, Commoner 5) Dockside, very cheap/horrible, 1 very large common room, no suites (common room sleeping only), Ugly wenches, very bad beer and bards, the owner has no concept of money and will accept any amount of money for his services, he is however quite greedy so he’ll try to get as many coins as possible. Wieners and sauerkraut are the only things on the menu. Any one fool enough to order “just water” is served fresh glass of orc piss.

Temples and Shrines:
Temples: Lenndra, Osmat, Pellmar
Shrines: Genossa & Illannida, Mayssa & Heaybara

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Dreer ford

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