Druid council

History: The Druid council has been around in one form or another ever since there have been druids to organize. While there are many druids around that have nothing to do with the council and some who are only interested in their circle. But those who choose to work with the council quickly find themselves embroiled in druid politics. While this may seen tedious at first, membership has its advantages. The council keeps a close eye on the “developing” world and its impact on the surrounding environment, they keep the druidic laws and when the need arises takes care of those druids who are creating more harm than good. They fund research into natural phenomenon and assist with charity work when natural disasters strike.

Druids who desire official recognition from the druid council and desire their support are encouraged to under go a “binder trial” every 5th level. Succeeding on this trial will gain the druid an official title in the kingdom and the gift of an appropriate magic item or pet. Though occasionally at higher levels a druid may receive a special animal companion instead (the quest may be as simple as finding this special animal). The greatest advantage of membership is being taught how to use the standing stones magic. After each binder trial the successful member is told to visit each of the stone circles in order to receive training from its guardian.

Druid Circles


Leaders and members:

Manik Reolongin-(Dwarf, TN, Druid 18) Arch Druid, Keeper of Elfholm Circle
Lord Occama (Human TN, Druid 16) Mayor and Keeper of Spiritholm Circle
Leaffall Brook ( Wakanda Druid/14) Keeper of Dreer ford Circle
Misab Sweetny (Human Druid/8) Keeper of Kutzan Circle
Gogobon Sheere (Maraket Druid/12) Keeper of Letti ki Circle
Mak Renren (1/2 Orc Druid/11) Keeper of The Darkwoods circle
Alesn Manac (Elf Druid/16) Keeper of Mistyvale woods Circle
Baxa Janic (Tiefling Druid/9) Keeper of The High desert Circle
Fennic Longtail (Elf Druid/11) + Jom San (1/2 elf Ranger/6) Keepers of Windrunner Circle
Herino Nah (Human Druid/10) Keeper of Dragonback Circle
Pires Kona (1/2 elf druid/8) Keeper of Bysan Circle
Imare Fallenstar (1/2 Elf Druid/12) Keeper of Lake Omacre Circle

Training and levels: Druids who choose to be apart of the council are given training as they need it. Those who have passed binder trials are given the following titles:

5th level Raven
10th level Eagle
15th level Stags
20th level Bear

Classes: Druid or Rangers only, Druids my worship ant any of the Druid Circles
Backgrounds D&D 5.0: Any, Caravan member, Friend of the Druid council, Log rider, Swamp mucker, Ferry driver, Sailor, Swamp dweller, Mountain man, Woodsman, Glacier walker, Desert rat.
Pathfinder world traits: Outrider, Druid council Member, Any Location based trait
D&D 5.0 Background suggestions:

Initiation: After 5th level a postulant may request the binder ritual, these rituals are repeated every 5 levels thereafter.

Bases: The druid council is based just outside of Elfholm, they also have representatives at all the stone circle sites.

Getting in: A druid who wishes to become a part of druid politics can apply at the Elfholm Circle if they are below 5th level they can become unofficial members but true membership does not begin until they have completed their first binder trial. Rangers are also welcome to help out and be associated with the Council but not as members. They are often hired to look after the stone circles and provide escorts, they sometimes act as an unofficial military force when necessary, though that is blessedly rare.

Druid council

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