Elfholm (Liannaita): Large City, Population: 14000

History: Elfholm has been the ancestral home of the elves as long as anyone can remember (which considering elven life spans is quite a long time) The city itself is within the branches of a massive oak tree, the tree itself being shaped to support the city. The tree can be seen 2 days ride away! It towers over the rest of the forest. The elves who live there refer to the tree itself as “Liannaita” and make little distinction between the tree and the city.

Primary Imports and Exports: Anything “elven made”, minor magic items, jewelry, cloth, and masterwork furniture

Racial breakdown:
Elven: 65%
Dwarven:1 %
Halfling/Gnome: 9%

• The Glade: Good/Reasonable, Owner Pocca illasa (elf art), 3 floors, 20 suites, booths, awesome view, Bungee Jumping off the balcony (2sp) Menu includes Various salads, falafel in pita, or roasted chicken quarters.
• The Green fairy: Excellent/Pricy, Owner Padal Lieffan (Elf, Illusionist) 3 floors, 24 Suites, Booths, Live entertainment, large dance floor with fairy fire cast permanently on it to dance to the music, a holographic saucy green fairy dances over the balustrade of the stairs leading up to the front door the hologram repeats every 30 seconds (see hologram crystals), booths have separate ventilation for smokers but the curtain must be drawn for it to work, Drink special- Absinthe (4GP served properly with a spoon and sugar cube) Menu includes stuffed quail with salad, mushroom omelettes or minced meat pie.
• The Dragonfly: Excellent/Expensive, Owner Tyan Listak (Elf, Expert) 2 Floors, 5 Suites, Very Private members only, requires a invitation to be allowed in the door, mostly serves diplomats and dignitaries of the high court, serves purely vegetarian cuisine.
• The Blueflame: Good/Inexpensive, owner Galan Isadila (½ Elf, Commoner) 2 Floors, 14 suites, All the lanterns in the inn are covered with blue glass giving everything a smurf like hue, Drink Special- The Blueflame (2GP a flaming shot of blue coracraco dropped into a tall glass of vermouth) Menu includes roast pork and beans or chicken casserole and salad.
• The Cocconery: Poor/Very Cheap, Owner Baem Silverbreath (Elf Commoner) Technically 2 floors, 45 Suites, This unusual place is closer to a hostel than a hotel or inn, On th main floor there is a communal dinning area and a sandwich counter. The decor is strictly functional and lacks any true decoration, the meals are simple (toast for breakfast, sandwiches for lunch, and usually some stew and bread for dinner) The beer is thin and the wine watered down, but the place is kept mostly clean. What makes this place popular is the sleeping arrangements, rather than renting a room, customers rent a luxury hammock. 45 Hammocks hang from the ceiling each one with its own rope to climb (DC10) up to it and a large sturdy hook to hang personal effects above it. The Hammocks are all 10’ up and are stabilized to avoid tipping and are built with side flaps that can be attached above to form a tent for privacy. See Sky tent

Temples and shrines:
Temples: Illannida & Genossa
Shrines: Mayssa & Heaybara, Pellmar

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