Starting equipment kits: Here I have included a quick list of starting equipment for adventurers for every budget level.

New Equipment:

Most equipment is covered in the Players handbook or Core Rule Book, but here are a few additions for your amusement.


Piece meal Armor
Steel spider silk armor
Rayyl Armor Only Available to Rayyl

Exotic Weapons

Rayyl Battle Claws Only Available to Rayyl
Bola Only available to The Amazons

Primitive Items: Only available to The Marackets and Hominid Bloodline Sorcerers.
Atlatl spear
Flint dagger
Toothed fishing spear
Toothed Pick
Obsidian Club

Tool kits
Astrologers tools: A spyglass, maps and star charts of the night sky, rulers, compass and small note book, stubby charcoal pencil much like navigators tools, they can be used to navigate and map. 25Gp

Special Materials

Steel spider silk: Spun by Steel spiders and collected by the dedicated artisans of Yaman, almost anything that can be made of silk can be made from Steel spider silk. Object made of this silk are considered master craft and are priced accordantly. all items made from steel spider silk have a DR:5/slashing + fire and have an average of 6hp per inch thickness. Popular magic items include Silk rope (Gordian Rope), and Silk armor (Weightless armor).
Cost: Rope 150Gp, Lt Armor 260Gp, Bolt of Cloth 150-300 Gp

Cloud wood: A Tall thin tree that grows along the northern edge of Liannaita forest A particularly light but strong wood used to build the support beams of all houses in Mat Jabar It has a spell resistance against divination type spells of SR 12 within 5’ of the wood. Rumor has it that it has other properties when used with other magical materials.

Heart Crystals: A single cave deep in Liannaita forest Produces crystals that can capture the essence of living thing (soul) at the moment of death. Used to make Ancestor Stones. This cavern is guarded by a mighty guardian who is unlikely to hand them over easily. The Crystal Cavern

Harmonic mercury: This thick silver like substance resembles mercury, however whenever it is exposed to harmonic sonic vibrations it stiffens up into a hard metal. The up side of which is it can be pored into a container and a tuning fork applied it will retain the shape of whatever container it was in until the vibration ends and it slumps back into its gooey form. Rogues familiar with the substance can use it as a set of lock picks for a + 2 disable device bonus (with a – 2 stealth). It can also be used to jam a lock from being opened adding a + 25 to the disable device of that lock until the sound stops.
It is considered an Alchemical substance and Costs: 375Gp for a 5 use vial. It requires a successful craft alchemy DC 30 to create.

Heart of Fire Steel: Steal forged with lava drawn directly form the plane of fire. such weapons and armor are much harder than normal steel and sharper, weapons gain a + 1 damage and armor gains a + 1 AC bonus. Furthermore when fire based magical improvements are added, they gain a + 2 CL at the time of enchantment.

Specialized equipment

Steel spider silk rope 50’: This rope has 6hp and a DR:5/slashing + fire, it can be burst with a DC:30 Strength check. It is so supple that it provides a + 2 circumstance bonus to Rope use survival checks. Cost:150Gp

Sky tent: Enormously popular in the elven nation, these tents are closer to hammocks than tents, but they have a long flap that can be draped over a second line above the hammock to create a tent like atmosphere. While most sky tents are made for 1 very large ones can hold up to 3 elves.
Cost: 20GP

Sky tent

Harmonic mercury grenade: Due to the laws against black powder, one brilliant (if misguided), Alchemist found another way to create shrapnel without explosives. Wrapping a Thunderstone in a dense ball of Harmonic mercury creates a particularly nasty grenade like weapon that not only deafens everyone within 10’ radius but also deals 1d4 piercing damage to creatures within 5’ and 1 point to everyone else within the radius. DC 14 Reflex save for 1/2 damage
Craft Alchemy DC:25, Cost 450Gp

Tuning Fork: This instrument creates a single precise note when struck against something hard. A tuning fork will ring for 1d4+ 1 rounds unless stopped. Cost 15Gp

Harmonic mercury “rogues” Kit: a collection of small tool molds, a vial of harmonic mercury and a tuning fork. They also come with a small block of soft wax to make key copies or other molds on the fly. + 4 to disable device, – 2 stealth Cost: 450 Gp


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