Bane Shielding feat tree: This feat tree is intended for fighters and other warrior classes but is not restricted from any class or race. It is intended for characters that wish to forgo using a weapon all together and instead choose to wield 2 shields. Naturally it is almost impossible to cast spells that have somatic components while wielding 2 shields. Creatures with more than 2 arms can use these feats as well as attack with a weapon if they have sufficient attacks to do so.

Feat Prerequisites Benefits
Two-Weapon Fighting Dex 15 Reduce 2 weapon fighting penalties to -2
Improved Shield Bash Shield Proficiency When you perform a shield bash, you may still apply the shields shield bonus to your AC
Bane shielding Two-weapon fighting, Improved Shield bash Uses 2 shields instead of a weapon, gains cover and concealment
Shield sever Bane shielding Uses both shields to slice through appendages
Bane Bashed Bane shielding Uses both shields in a bash attack dealing extra damage
Bane crush Bane shielding, Base attack +6 Free bull rush with a double bashing attack
Bane Sphere Bane Shielding, Base Attack +6 Gains 95% concealment while still able to perform a bash
Two towers Bane shielding, Base attack +6, Strength: 18, Tower shield proficiency Use 2 tower shields to create a massive sonic boom that can stun or knock unconscious
Master Bane Bane Shielding, Bane Sphere, Base Attack +11, Strength: 18, Tower Shield proficiency No two weapon fighting penalties when wielding any form of shield, 95% concealment even when bashing or using any other “bane shield” feat

Silent Flight This feat allows you to fly without any sound.
Prerequisites: Flight speed
This feat grants a +4 to stealth rolls made while flying.

Standing Rider This feat allows you to ride a mount without a saddle, by standing atop the animal.
Prerequisites: 5 ranks in ride
You can ride a mount without a saddle by standing atop the animal and guiding it with reins only. Ride checks and attack rolls made while standing are at – 2. You can use any mounted feat you have while in standing position. Someone with this feat may also attempt to ride 2 mounts at the same time but at a – 4.

Zen Weapons Master
Monks trained in attacking only when “it feels just right”
Prerequisites: Must have at least a +3 wisdom bonus and BAB, must be follower of Kellan
This feat allows Monks and clerics of Kellan to swap their wisdom score for their Strength or Dex on their attack rolls with a specific monk weapon, They must choose which weapon it applies on at the time of taking this feat. This feat can be taken multiple times, each time it applies to a different weapon.

Gain Arcane bond
Arcane magic users can create an arcane bond with an item or familiar
Prerequisites: Ability to cast 6th level arcane spells
Sorcerers, Bards and other archaists that do not have an arcane bond may create one. Wizards and witches who already have a bonded item or familiar may take another at – 4 levels, but it cannot be of the same type.


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