Mounted Expertise: You’ve developed highly honed skills with riding, you can perform a number of special maneuvers with a well trained mount.

  • Show tricks: You can get your horse to jump obstacles, trot and prance, rear and buck, and any other trick they can be trained to do.
  • Standing rider: You can ride a mount without a saddle but must make an acrobatics check to do any thing more than ride. You can also use this to ride two animals at the same time with an acrobatics check DC 14
  • Mounted combat: when you attack while mounted you can add your mounts ability modifier to yours for the damage rolls.

Teamwork: Your skilled at making things work between your allies, sharing your abilities quickly and with ease.

  • Got your back: you can use an bonus action to grant an ally a + 2 AC
  • Shared spell: you can split the bonus gained by a buff or healing spell that affects you, with someone you are in physical contact with at the time it’s cast. If the spell has a duration you must remain in contact with your ally the entire time or the spell fails immediately.
  • Helping hand: You can perform the Help action as a bonus action
  • Group Effort: When you are one in a group of at least 3 attempting a task the leader may add twice his proficiency modifier to the roll as well as having advantage as normal.


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