Due to the large number of legal gambling houses, including the Belgrad casino in T’nari , I’ve included a few of the more popular games played in Daytar Leamay

Dragons Wing: (Cards) Played with a standard deck of cards. Each player is dealt 5 cards, they then bet and have the option of discarding any number of cards and drawing the same number. A final round of bets is made before all players reveal their cards. Players may choose to fold out if they do not wish to continue to bet. Ideally the players are attempting to either get a run of 4 or 5 cards in sequence or have all the cards in their hand the same color (black or red). Once the cards are revealed players count the number of points based on the face value of their cards (face=10, ace=1) only cards with matching colors or contained in a run are counted. Players with a run of 4 or 5 cards count their points and double them (to represent the difficulty of getting runs) The player with the greatest number of point in their hand wins the pot. In the event of a tie players split the pot evenly.
Example Game: (3 players)
Player 1 is dealt 3 clubs, 8 hearts, 4 diamonds, 7 diamonds, 6 clubs
Player 2 is dealt 10 spades, Q hearts, K clubs, 4 hearts, 9 spades
Player 3 is dealt 7 spades, 9 hearts, Q diamonds, K diamonds, 6 hearts
Player 1 bets 2Cp and discards 3 clubs and 6 clubs
Player 2 bets 4Cp and discards Q hearts and 4 hearts
Player 3 bets 1Sp and discards 7 spades
Player 1 is dealt 5 hearts and A clubs and folds out of the game
Player 2 is dealt 7 clubs and 8 clubs and bets 5Cp
Player 3 is dealt 8 spades and bets 5 Cp
Players reveal their cards and add up their points:
Player 2 can either claim 44 points of black cards (10+10+9+8+7) or claim68 points from the run (10+9+8+7x2)
Player 3 has 35 points (10+10+9+6) the 8 spades doesn’t count towards points since it’s the wrong color.
Player 2 Wins the hand and collects1Sp+16Cp

Log Roll: (Dice) A purely casino game it is played at a specially designed table. The table has a grid of numbers on it between 4-24. Players may place between 1 and 3 bets on the table before the action begins, the amount of the bet determines the payout and each bet allows the player a roll of the dice for a maximum of 3 rolls for each gambler before the game is over. Most places limit the table to 4 players at a time. Each bet is placed on the number the player thinks is going to be rolled on 4D6. Bets made in copper are paid out at 1:2, bets made in silver pay at 1:4 and bets made in gold pay 1:8 (the more you risk the more you may win) once all the players have rolled the dice a number of times equal to the number of bets they made the game is over and any remaining money on the table is claimed by the house. Rolling a 13-15 is an automatic loss and all bets are claimed by the house and the play ends for the round.

Example Game: (4 players)
Player 1 places 3Cp on #18 and 1Sp on #5
Player 2 places 4Sp on #20 and 1Gp on #12
Player 3 places 5Cp on #24, 2Sp on #4 and 1Gp on #17
Player 4 places 20Cp on#11

Player 1 gets the dice first, having made 2 bets he gets to roll twice. His first roll is a 19 (3+6+5+5) no one wins, his second roll is a 22 (6+6+4+6) no one wins, Play passes.
Player 2 also placed 2 bets and rolls twice. His first roll is a 12 (3+1+4+4) Player 2 wins 8Gp! (1Gp bet x8), his second roll is a 6 (1+2+1+3) no one wins. Play passes.
Player 3 placed 3 bets and rolls 3 times. His first roll is a 5 (1+1+1+2) Player 1 wins 4Sp (1Sp bet x4), his second roll is a 16 (3+2+5+6) no one wins, his third roll is a 12 (2+5+4+1) Player 2 would have won but having already won on that number he gets nothing. Play passes.
Player 4 only made 1 bet so only gets 1 roll, he gets a 14 (6+3+3+2) – Auto loss – The house collects all left over money on the table (1Gp, 2Sp, 32Cp) and the game begins again.

Here is a full sized table to copy out and play on.



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