Gissalar Musical academy

History: A small performing arts academy located in Elfholm, class sizes are restricted to no more than 10 students in any given subject at a time. There are no living quarters in the school so anyone wanting to attend must find their own place to reside. Due to the wandering nature of many of its students classes are offered in short but intense 1-2 week sessions that encourage the student to continue researching and studying at their own pace whilst not attending classes.

Leaders and Members:

  • Sir Oliscara Bark: (Elf Bard/18) Master of the academy, Spells training
  • Lea Royson: (Assamar Bard/10) Singing Master, Choir instructor, Pitch training
  • Mammby Vicy: (1/2 Orc Bard/12) Drums and Percussion, Rhythm instructor
  • Deccin Waylong: (Elf Bard/12) Lute, String instruments, Harmony training
  • Kyle Ronbottom: (Halfling Bard/8) Comedy, Stand up, Slap Stick, Spoken word, Jokes and Pranks
  • Joy Silverrain: (Elf Bard/9) Flute, piccolo, Wind instruments, Ear training
  • Emissal Kannon: (1/2 Elf Metatron {Illannida}) Religious Music, gospel, Ritual training,
  • Sopiysa Magain: (Elf Rogue/4, Bard/4) Acrobatics, Tumbling, Gymnastics, Tight Rope Walking, Dare Devil Training
  • Petta LofLoin: (Elf aristocrat/8) Administration, Finance, Admission, Recruitment

Training and Levels:
The Academy’s classes are short and intense, 2 week courses that takes 10 hours a day for 10 days. They cost 500-2000Gp (due in advance) Most classes have between 10-15 other students, however advanced classes may only have 1 or 2 students. Exceptional students are occasionally offered private tutorship with master teachers.
Classes offered rotate throughout the year, but include basic and advanced versions of almost any instrument found in the kingdom, voice training and various preforming arts.
The school holds concerts every week to showcase the talent of their current students. Tickets to these concerts range from 1SP-5GP depending on the seats. A small concession stand offers wine, beer and large soft pretzels.
Classes Bards and Metatrons
Backgrounds D&D 5.00: Any, Caravan member, Gissalar Music Academy trained, Paymar kin, Scholarship, Friend of Nobility
Pathfinder world traits: (Friend of Royalty, Gissalar Musical academy training, Forest Dweller)

Bases The Gissalar Musical academy is located on the 4th level of Liannaita the home of the Elves

Getting in: While they will train anyone who has the coin to pay for the classes, They do require a interview and performance to gauge the needs of the student and match him with the right instructor.

Gissalar Musical academy

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