Large port City, Population: 15000

History: Once upon a time Grennta was the capital of the kingdom of Mauw. It is still a thriving port city that supplies much of the incoming trade from the western province and ports beyond to the plethora of towns. While the kings road passes by most travel comes through the port side. Once ruled by the Paymar family, they were deposed and replaced during the Mauwti war. The current mayor was granted possession by the last king, however there are always rumblings of revolution to be found in the dark corners of certain inns. Kinat Paymar, a young brash noblemen, is as usual hunting for people to join in his revolution and becomes members of The Mauwian Peoples Republic. Known as the Jaguar kings, the paymar family are WereJaguar and in the past their ability to transform was a integral part of their rule. The city itself is a hot bed of political intrigue and a powder keg ready to riot at almost any time, and Kinat knows it.

Primary Imports and Exports: With a huge market almost anything can be purchased in Grennta, particularly popular are the silks form the distant kingdom of Jerrita

Racial breakdown:
Human: 30%
Elven: 30%
Dwarven: 25%
Halfling/Gnome: 20%
Other :5%

• The Cauldron: Fair/Expensive, Owner: Cherie Gaien (Exp),3 levels, 25 suites, Common room and private back room with booths, more a strip club and whore house than a inn, rooms are available (with or without company), the waitresses work topless, and the back room is considered “VIP” (very fucking expensive) Menu includes sushi and teriyaki as well as more traditional dishes
• Green Gecko: Excellent/Reasonable, Owner: Paulo Kifenn (½ elf, exp) 2 levels, 18 suites, Large dinning room, live music, bathes, best ale in the city, dock side, rowdy. Menu specials often include baked tuna and salad, deep fried octopus and long beans, steaks served exactly as you want with pepper and cheese soup in a bread bowl.
• Onner’s Rest: Good/Cheap, Owner: Onner Pactes (Adept {Ishmara}) 3 levels, 23 suites, Common room, shrine {ishmara}, Fountain, bathes, This simple place is kept together by one of Ishmara’s faithful and offers its patrons simple but comfortable surroundings Menu includes Pork chops stuffed with mushrooms and a baked potato, or Roast beef with a slab of bread and corn.
• Ten Bells: Fair/Reasonable, Owner: Jaid Makkin (ranger), 3 levels, 20 suites, Smoking room, gambling, many of the local “working girls” gather here for their evening meals, though they do not work here. Dockside, likely the only place you’ll ever get turned down by a working girl. Jaid is extremely protective of the girls who come here for a rest as long as they don’t do business here. Drink Special: The Losey Goosey: a tall glass layered with peach schnapps and creme de coco (2GP). Menu includes lasagna and caesar salad or rotisserie chicken and mashed potatoes.
• Purple Knight: Good/Expensive, Owner: Tessin Labella (elf), 4 levels, 30 suites, The standard adventurers bar, many people come here looking for work or workers. Lots of booths and corner seats Menu includes slabs of meat with potatoes or rice, or fish and salad.

Temples and Shrines:
Temples :Kellan, Jakate
Shrines: Hobin, Deria, Terey

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