Alignment: LG
D&D Domains: Strength, Balance, Vows
Domains: Law, Strength, Balance, Guardian, Vows
Favored class: Monk
Favored weapon: unarmed
Description: “The law of nature is that every thing is born, lives and dies. That is the law.” A favored deity in the monasteries, Kellan is some what unrelated to the other divinities having been imported from the eastern province, where he holds much more sway, none the less, he remains quite popular even in the west. More a divinity of philosophy, meditation, and structure. The teachings are to be ever vigilant and strong of spirit, mind and body. He encourages his disciples to use their natural talents over conceived or mechanical means, to fight with foot, fists, beak, claw, and mind. If a devout follower is naturally talented in divine magic he should be able to use it to defend himself and others. All followers of Kellan are expected to meditate for at least an hour a day even if they are not clerics.
The initiation ceremony is to carry a large 150 lbs brass bell hundreds of miles, from distant temples, like Mat Jabar to the Ti Dar Monastery, where the bells hang until the member passes. Often timed so they are arriving just before the Rite of Balance so the festival can end with the Bell carriers initiation ceremony

*Imbic 7-8: “ Rite of Balance” Tests of strength and courage in Olympic style games.
*Airia 2: “Lantern Festival” Paper lanterns float by candle power over the festival. festival goers write wishes on their lantern and “send them to heaven” or send notes to ancestors, A dancing Fo Dog is paraded through the streets and moon cakes are eaten.

Symbol: 2 hands together in prayer

Patron city: The Ti Dar Monastery
Cities: Aerie, Grennta, Letti ki, Mat Jabar, Nader, Notgam, Perraw


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