Small City, Population:11867

History: Kobbitte is the major center for boat building in the kingdom. Wood from mistyvale woods, is floated down the Tallaz river. As such Kobbitte has a reputation as a sailors town, despite the rumors Kobbitte is a quite, clean and reasonably safe place to both live and travel through. Unlike any other city in the kingdom Kobbitte’s mayor has decreed that their be a legal tax-paying red light district within the city. This district can easily claim to be the most popular tourist attraction in the kingdom.

Primary Imports and Exports: Kobbitte is a long thin city spread out along the ocean front and the Tallsan River. The grand majority of residents work in the ship yards. The primary function of the city being the building of the many different kinds of water crafts used throughout the nation, for the War galleons to the flat bed river barges. Almost every boat is built here. Their primary import is timber brought by barge down the Tallsan river and along the coast. Competition amongst the different venders can be fierce, however the boat builders guild keeps everyone in line.

Racial breakdown:
Human: 50%

Inns: many of the inns are in the red light district, I have given them their own separate listings in the DM’s section.
• The Silver Buckle: Fair/Reasonable, Owner Patton Longbottom (Halfling, Sorc 4) 3 Levels, 22 suites, Stage and dance floor, heated public baths. This simple inn is one of the few establishments in the city who doesn’t earn its money from the working girls and does not allow them in. Located just inside the eastern gate it is popular with the travelers who pass through. The furniture might be a little rough and the food unexceptional but none the less it is a decent place for those not looking to get laid. Menu is limited to Fish stew in a bread bowl, turkey with gravy and mashed potatoes or sausage bits in a white gravy over biscuits.
• The Lions Den: Good/Pricy, Owner Geffory Incob (Human Expert 7) 2 levels. 18 suites, heated ensuite baths, located next to the southern dock district, this place takes in most of the travelers from the passing ships who only need a place to stay. Many of its clients are the rich and noble class heading to or from Letti ki. The mostly european decor is accented with a solar lion motif and augmented by a stuffed dire lion who stands guard next to the bar. Drink Special: The Roar, a sharp whisky shot with a dash of tabasco sauce, guaranteed to make you roar! (4GP) The menu includes stuffed lobster tail with a salad, Shrimp stuffed red peppers on a bed of rice or crab cakes in a bearnaise sauce with fresh veggies

Temples and Shrines:
Temples: Ishmara, Lenndra, Pellmar
Shrines: Terey, Tamama, Deria

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