Small City, Population:10500

History: Kutzan is a rough town run by an equally tough woman. There is something wild that runs under the skin of this town. The city guards are about half female all hoping to become Leopards. Many of the commoners living in the city make their living “swamp mucking”, in other words, collecting exotic plants from the swamp, though it’s a very dangerous occupation, Don Marco offers 50GP for each Death bloom orchid and there is quite a call for other exotic spices. While most of the city is built on a hill, as the city has expanded long piers have developed out over the swamp water. Mistress Kyera has instituted an unusual form of justice, anyone caught committing a crime is tossed in to
Primary imports and exports: Kutzan exports rare swamp herbs and spices as well as rice and silk, it acts as a trading post and stopping off point for trade headed north to Nader and the western way, and the raw materials coming down the driven river.

Racial breakdown:
Human: 40%
Elven: 30%
Dwarven: 5%
Halfling/Gnome: 10%
Other 15%

• Leering Goblin: Excellent/Inexpensive, Owner Olard Highet (Com 5) 2 Dinning rooms, 2 levels, 15 suites, spacious booths with privacy curtains, Live music, Gambling room in back, often used by members of the black specters for their meetings and shady business. Drink specialty: Swamp water: a grueling mixture of several different liquors that resembles the slimly green brown swamp waters surrounding the city, tastes like a avocado grenade guaranteed to get any one hammered, Menu includes fresh hare stew or pork chops with apple sauce.
• Green Oyster: Fair/Pricy: John Findell (Art-2) 3 levels, 10 suites, Upscale decor, snobby wenches, Gay bartender (Himal Lista-Comm/2) Dispite the fine looking decor this place’s menu leaves some to be desired, usually pork roast and potatoes or other tubers.
• The Orchid: Good/Cheap(cheap food/drinks, expensive rooms): Owner Harry Ingle (Comm5-1/2 elf)2 Levels, 8 suites, small amphitheater in back for live shows and weekly plays. All suites have in room baths and feather beds. Salt and vinegar potato chips are served in the concession stand.

Temples and shrines:
Temples: Jakate, Pellmar, Filila
Shrines: Mayssa & Heaybara, Hobin, Ishmara

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