Mat Jabar

Small City, Population:11000

History: Mat Jabar was founded around 400 years ago as a trade port to the far east kingdom of Gah. The dangerous month long crossing is made by brave merchants looking to make a profit on exotic goods. The eastern influences are clearly visible here. Many of the buildings have pagoda style roofs and elegant lines, the city itself is laid out with a sense of eastern design and small elegant gardens are plentiful. This would be a nearly perfect city if it weren’t for the strange ways of the populous. With a temple to Deria and shrines to Wantaras and Jakate some might be tempted to wonder about the citizens here. Indeed there is a criminal element to the city, though it remains very well hidden. Primarily run by the Fugu Clan of ninja’s most of the crime here is extremely organized and difficult to catch.
The criminals in this town have to be especially careful as the town is guarded by “the watchers” a small group of dedicated trained scrying masters who use an integrated system to literally watch over the whole city. The watchers themselves are kept secluded and in a near dream state in a very secure undisclosed location. The system they use is hidden cleverly into street lanterns that are made from pure quartz crystal balls perched on top of elegant pillars at every intersection and every 60’ except in the warrens. They are created with “continual flame” dancing inside of the crystal sphere that gives off light for 30’ but they also allow the watchers to scry that location within 30 of each sphere.
Building Codes in Mat Jabar include the provision that all buildings should be constructed with “cloud wood” support beams, this dense wood makes scrying much more difficult and the watchers are trained not to scry into any building so protected, This however creates a small 2’ area above the roof tops that is also protected from scrying, which the Ninja’s in the city know about and exploit to great advantage.

Primary Imports and Exports: Many of the merchant here specialize in eastern goods and fare brought over form the kingdom of Gah. Also being well within the finest of the grape regions they export a lot of wine and vinegar.

Racial breakdown:
Human: 75% (10% are of oriental decent)
Elven: 15%
Dwarven: 1%
Halfling/Gnome 5%
Other: 4%

• The Pearl Ribbon: Good/Reasonable, Owner: Sailen Farget (Human Exp) 3 stories, 19 suites, Live entertainment, Booths, Bathes, gambling room: the most popular of the dockside inns this place is a peaceful and pleasant stay. The decor is simple and elegant with hanging curtains of fake pearls to cover the booths. Menu includes roasted pork and fried potato wedges, or grilled sirloin steaks and a vegetable melody. Drink special: Pearl drop (10gp) an clear orange liquor served in a tall glass with a single real pearl dropped in, as the pearl dissolves in the citric acid it leaves a shimmer throughout the drink.
• Monkey Brains: Fair/Cheap, Owner: Hogat Marlion (Human Com) 2 Stories, 12 suites, Booths, fireplace, and a Mongolian theme, there are many tapestries and rugs making this place feel quite homy and fairly popular. While the wenches are not the best looking they are friendly and polite. Menu items include Steamed goat dumplings (buuz), breakfast is a thick barley porridge in milk fat and sugar. Drink special: Airag (1Gp) not for the easily offended this fermented mare’s milk is an acquired taste.
• Black Tiger: Good/Pricy, Owner Gon Wanta (human (oriental) Exp) 2 stories, 15 suites, Dockside, Extremely private booths, with mats and low tables, the booths are sectioned off from the rest of the inn by way of rice paper sliding doors, boots and shoes are left outside the booth and patrons sit cross-legged on the platforms This place is traditionally Japanese in style and the menu offers sushi and teriyaki, as well as black tea or saki for refreshments. The members of the Fugu Clan occasionally meet here for meals and talk of business.
* Forlorn serpent: excellent/pricy, Owner: Po wren (Elf, exp) 2 stories, 19 suites, booths, tables, dance floor, live music, Menu includes: roasted meats on sword shaped skewer (chicken, beef, pork) and whole roasted potatoes. Purchase either for 1Gp, the swords come with 5 servings of meat, and the potatoes come by the bowl. Drinks range from several local breweries ales and stouts and a huge selection of elvish wines.

Temples and Shrines:
Temples: Deria, Pellmar, Kellan
Shrines: Wantaras, Lenndra, Jakate, Filila

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Mat Jabar

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