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Mephit keeper school

Some wizards forge deep and powerful bond with an elemental spirit called a Mephit. Around the The University of Arcanum the Mephits are used to maintain the School , its grounds and library. They have specialized homes built around the School with the elemental needs of each Mephits type in mind, including the windy tower over the library and the grotto below Dera pond and massive boilers and well placed ovens are kept hot by the fire Mephits. Most those who keep Mephits stay at the School rather than risk losing their precious familiars in the field.

Elemental Harmony: At 2nd level Mephit keepers gain an elemental resistance to their mephits element and at 10th level it becomes immunity.

Bonus proficiency: At 2nd level you gain the ability to speak the elemental language that your mephit speaks.

Hatchling: At 2nd level the Mephits Keepers must choose a Baby Mephit from those available at the School to form their Bond with.
They undergo a 24 hour ritual in which they must befriend the living mephits and convince them to allow them to choose an egg to bond with. Most participants say they have little problems choosing the correct one, as if they are drawn to their mephit mate.
They must nurture, care for and in all ways raise the baby. In the beginning these baby Mephits are weak and helpless and highly annoying. When the bond is formed you can communicate with your Mephits telepathically as long as your within 100’, and if your Mephits ever dies you take 1d10 psychic damage. A baby Mephit has the following stats: Baby Mephits

Mephit evolution: At 2nd level and again every 2 levels the Mephit grows just a bit and the bond gets a little stronger. The Mephit keepers can shape that evolution to meet their desires. They receive 2 evolution points to spend on their Mephit, At 10th level and above they may take Advanced evolutions. Mephits should be fully grown adults by 6th level.

Elemental Shield: At 6th level 1/day a Mephit Keeper can create a shield out of his Mephits element, this shield floats next to the Mephit keeper or his Mephit and grants him a + 2 AC and a 1d6 elemental burst of the same element as the Mephits breath weapon in a 5’ globe around the shield whenever it’s struck, whether the attack does damage or not. This shield lasts for 1 minute before it dissolves away.
He can instead choose to have the shield protecting his Mephits if he likes, but it is a bonus action to switch it between the caster and the Mephit. This ability refreshes with a long or short rest.

Masters sight At 10th level the Mephit keeper can go into a trance and see what his Mephit is seeing. While in this state he is unaware of his surroundings, and cannot move, speak or eat. It takes an action to enter the trance and the Mephit cannot be more than a mile away before the visual link breaks. Any disturbance forces the wizard to make a concentration check to avoid loosing the link.

Ride along At 14th level a Mephit keeper can leave his own body and inhabit the body of his familiar. When inside his Mephit he has the physical stats and special abilities of his Mephit but retains his mental stats, alignment and spell casting abilities. If the Mephit keeper should be inside his Mephit when it dies he suffers 10d6 psychic damage when he returns to his body. Should his body be killed whilst he in the Mephit he has no place to return to and stays inside his Mephit until such time as he can replace his body???

Evolutions See your Adult mephit entry for a guide.
Breath Weapon: Cost: 1 point, Each type of mephit can unleash a particular breath weapon every 1d6 rounds as an attack action (recharge 6). This evolution can only be taken once. All Breath weapons deal 1d6 damage per hit dice of the mephit and targets get a (DC 10+ constitution modifier) dexterity save for 1/2 damage.

Earth 30’ line of bludgeoning rocks Mud 15’ cone of bludgeoning rocks
Air 30’ line of electricity Dust 15- foot cone of blinding dust
Fire 30’ line of fire Lava 15-foot cone of fire
Water 30’ line of acid Ice 15- foot cone of cold air

Death Burst: Cost: 1 point, Give your mephit the ability to explode upon his death. Each creature within 5 feet of it must make a DC 10 Dexterity saving throw, taking elemental damage on a failed save.
Hit dice increase: Cost: 1 point, Prerequisite: Size increase. Add 2d8+ Con to their Hit Dice and a skill proficiency. At 3 HD they are considered fully grow adults
Immunity/weakness: make your mephit appropriate immunities and weakness for there type.
Natural Armor: Cost: 1 point, Prerequisite: Size increase, Add a + 1 natural armor,
Size increase: Cost: 1 point, + 2 Str, and Con – 4 Dex. This evolution can only be taken once, and must be taken by 6th level.
Spell casting abilities: Cost: 1 point, 1/day- 1 appropriate elementally based spell of 1st level
Summon others: Cost: 1 point, 1/day they can summon 1d4 more mephitis of the same type to help them for a number of rounds equal to their casting stat modifier.
Studying: Cost: 1 point, + 2 to Intelligence, Wisdom or Charisma.
Training: Cost: 1 point, + 2 to Strength, Dexterity or Constitution.

Advanced evolutions
Spell casting abilities -Advanced: Cost: 2 points, Prerequisite: Spell like abilities
1/day- 1 appropriate elementally based spell of 2nd level.
Advanced Breath weapon: Cost: 2 points, Prerequisite: Breath weapon, Increase the range by 10’ and the DC by + 4, this can only be taken once.
Advanced Armor: Cost: 2 points, Prerequisite: natural armor, Add a + 2 natural armor.
Larger Death burst: Cost: 2 points, Prerequisite: Death burst, double the damage and add 10’ to the area of damage.
Elemental Healing: Cost: 2 points, When physically touching their natural element they regain 1 Hp every minute.


Mephit keeper 50

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