Mountain view

mountain_view.pngLarge Town, Population:4500

History: Mountain View was once a thriving garrison city guarding the Ice reach pass. Built in the classic star style of middle Europe, its high walls and commanding view makes it a formidable fortress. However in the last 250 years it has begun to decline as its use as a fortress has become irrelevant. It has become a den for mercenaries and shady dealings. The mayor (Paul Reddof) has become to afraid to leave his home and continues to enact ever tougher bylaws that only truly succeed in making his citizens lives tougher rather than catch the real criminals. The city has suffered through several rebellions due to its extreme poverty and lack of social funding, the last one was led by the mayors brother who was being deluded by, Karl Limmac, The head of the Silken Hands into believing it would help the city. So far Mayor Paul has managed to keep word of the rebellions from reaching the King (who would instantly dispose him) mostly by killing any messengers sent for help.

Primary imports and exports: Anything that needs to be fenced, drugs. Any gear can be purchased for 10%-30% off the list price so long as the buyer doesn’t ask where it can from.

Racial breakdown:
Elven: 5%
Dwarven: 30%

• The Gorgon’s head Inn: Excellent/expensive, Owner: Kyle Harbeir (Human) 2 stories, 2 dinning rooms, 23 Suites, anything can be had from the Bartender (Bob: Human Rogue) for the right price (and I mean anything) Drink special: The Gorgons head, a particularly foamy beer that the bartender pulls tentacles of foam out of before serving. attempting to drink it gets the tentacles of foam all over the wearers face giving him a “gorgons head” 2Gp
• Ishmara’s Rest: Part of Ishmara’s temple: Poor/Cheap, Owner: Missy Link (Halfling Cleric Ishmara) 1 floor, 19 beds in 5 rooms, closer to a hostel than anything else, Ham sandwiches and pickles always on the menu as is fresh lemonaid

Temples & Shrines:
Temples: Wantaras, Ishmara, Filila
Shrines: Pellmar, Hobin

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Mountain view

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