New classes

In the kingdom of Daytar Lemay there are many classes, Any published class is allowed except those which deal in black-powder weapons or psionic’s. There are also a few new ones.

New Classes

Standard Classes

Barbarians can be from one on the 2 clans who live in The steppes

  • Path of Dragonfall Clan: Dragon fall clan uses the Path of Totem Warrior
  • Path of Hammerfall Clan: Hammer fall clan uses the Path of the Berserker

Bards can take training at Gissalar Musical academy or be a member of The Caravans or just a wandering minstrel.

There are many churches all over the kingdom with a huge variety of beliefs,While the provinces have been one kingdom for hundred of years, there is a distinct difference in the eastern vs western god set.

At 5th level Druids can apply to become a member of The Druid council but all druids worship at the many stone circles found around the kingdom. Each circle site teaches its own special types of magic.

While there are dozens of avenues for training for warriors and fighters the premier school for combat training is The Albright Military Academy

Monks can receive training at any temple of Kellan or The Ti Dar Monastery

  • Bell Style Initiates of Kellan, these Monks hit with unbelievable force and harmonize them selves with sonic energies and preform acrobatic feats.
  • Waterfall Style Initiates of Kellan, these Monks focus on trips, bull rush and fast soft movements that use the opponents energy against them.
  • Tree Style Initiates of Kellan, these Monks move slowly bringing opponents in reach into grapples or entangles
  • Scorch Style Initiates of Kellan, these Monks focus on moving very swiftly and disarming their opponents.
  • Boulder Style Initiates of Kellan, these Monks practice a hard and fast style that provides a lot of defense.
  • Yin Yang Style Initiates of Kellan, these Monks have found their balance, they have advanced their spirit and wisdom

All paladins in the kingdom worship Osmat many become The Silver Swords, and often purchase their steeds from The horselord clans. Likewise Anti-paladins worship Leanta darksun

Ranger: Rangers vary widely as to their backgrounds and training are concerned, most rangers receive their initial training from tutors, family members or specialized tutoring groups. They often work closely with the The Druid council astheir goals are often in alignment.

Rogues: While rogues are common, and are not required to be a member of a guild, operating in guild territory without permission may end you dead. The Brutes, pick pockets, and cat buglers tend to work for The Silken Hands, while the drug runners, assassins and worse often are employed by The Black Specters. Those living in the eastern province are freelance or members of the secretive Boxin clan. Finally a special group exists in the dwarven city of Hammerdrier for those willing to risk total darkness.

Sorcerer blood lines:
Sorcerers can receive training from private tutors or The University of Arcanum. The sages at the university have discovered not only a number of new Sorcerer bloodlines, but some that trace their lineage to the most ancient blood of humankind.

Wizards are most often trained by The University of Arcanum or one of their graduates taking students.

  • Dueling School: A specialized form of entertainment and fun, the wizard duelist specialize in non lethal means of subduing their opponents.
  • Mephit keepers school: The backbone of the University, the mephits they befriend, heat the water, keep the grounds, and the library and any thing else that needs to be don’t on campus.
  • Weather Sage: Trained by the reclusive weather witch Lady Estellis LeManis Weather sages are in high demand on board the sailing ships and in caravans.
  • Seal Masters These wizards use disposable seals to quick summon their allies in exchange for the eidolon feature
  • Dimentional Masters These guys are masters in self transposition and movement.

Hiding in the deep wilds, on the glacier, and among the various tribes, worlocks rarely need training from anyone other than their patron.

New classes

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