There are many organizations throughout the kingdom. Here is a list of the major groups.

Military Groups Places of Learning Other Groups
The Silver Swords The Albright Military Academy Druid council
The Kingmen The University of Arcanum The horselord clans
The Leopards The Ti Dar Monastery The Caravans
The Nails Gissalar Musical academy The Barbarian clans
The Red Boar Guild Various Churches The Erikki Players Guild
The Elven Ranger Corp

Criminal originations
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Name Specialty Location
Silken Hands cat burglary, petty theft, extortion Mountain view & Aerie
Black Specters assassins, spies, thieves, drug runners, and cons Kutzan, T’nari , and Kobbitte
Boxin Clan smuggling, gambling and animal fights Grennta & Nader
Shadows Breath steal, extort and lie Hammerdrier
Fugu Clan assassinations and smuggling contraband Mat Jabar
The CCC Cannabalism None known

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