Small City, Population:8500

History: No one knows just when people started living here, but it has always seemed like a safe place, its massive fortifications are an awe inspiring site. The bay is almost a perfect 3/4 circle with only a small inlet on the eastern side but it has been closed off by a massive white limestone wall that was built between the points of the spits enclosing the bay entirely. It has 3 massive archway gates that allow boats and ships through. Each of the archways has a massive crosshatched iron portcullis that can be lowered or raised at any time. Only one archway is ever open at any given time. The seawall has other defenses to resist a naval attack including ballistas, catapults and arrow slits on the top as well as slots to channel boiling oil down to ships below. There are only 2 ways to enter the city, by land or by sea. Approaching by land people are greeted by a very large gate built into the base of a massive hill that has been encircled by large diagonal timbers and several ditches, entering the city this way leads people into a massive labyrinth of passages that lead to the other side of the hill. The more popular entrance is by sea, after passing through the sea gate boats are instructed to dock in one of several sea level caves that burrow under the hill. From within the bay one can truly see the majesty of this city. Built into a massive white limestone cliff it has 6 tiers. While there are some structures built on each level of the tiers its easy to guess that many of the building are inside the hillside. Gleaming white stairs connect each level and massive entrances into the hill are clearly visible. Guards stand watch at every stair and entrance giving the indication that the city is very segregated. Non-residents are kept to the lowest level (sea level) unless they can prove they have business in another level. The only people allowed free access to every level are the royal bonded messengers who take messages throughout the city. All residents are issued paperwork to indicate which level the reside on, and while they are allowed access to lower levels they are never allowed to a higher level without a permit. The curfew is set at an hour after sunset and while some leniency is allowed on the sea level particularly by the docks. violators of the curfew are thrown in jail for a period ranging from 1-5 days. The sea level has signs every few feet to remind travelers of this.
The 6 Levels from bottom to top are know as: The Sea level (where entrances lead into and most of the shops and business are located) The Shell level (Some more exclusive shops and most of the commoners live) The Coral Level (Mostly merchant and more financially stable commoners live here) The Pearl level (rich merchants and poor aristocrats) The Dusk level (aristocrats and clergy) The Dawn level (Olanda’s residence as well as a few very rich companions)

Primary Imports and Exports: Perraw is not necessarily known for any one import or export however being a port, much trade passes through here. It is easy to get dwarven metal work, any fishing product or fine wines at one of the many venders, as well as the occassional oriental curiosities.

Racial breakdown:
Human 30%
Elven 10%
Dwarven 20%
Halfling/Gnome 20%
Other 20%

• The Dirty Polly: Good/Reasonable, (Sea level) Owner Johan Littlebir (Human Exp), 1 Story, 18 suites, Live entertainment, VIP Gambling room, This dock side favorite is often packed with foreign travelers looking for a good nights fun and rest. The geometric decor and square dishware make it standout in most peoples minds. The menu includes Walnut and lamb balls in a goat milk sauce with beans, stuffed tuna steaks and petite potatoes. Drink special: the hobnut (1Gp) a shot of a nutty liquor with a hint of hot chilli aftertaste. Boxin clan safehouse.
• The Dragon Pearl: Excellent/Expensive (Sea level) Owner William Weats (½ elf Comm) 1 story, 14 suites, bathes, massagers, Large Koi fountain by the front door, This clean and gleaming place takes advantage of being carved into the stone as a way to impress its patrons, large columns and a ingenious lighting system makes this place practically glow the very oriental decor adds to the effect. For those with the cash this is the lap of luxury. Menu includes: fresh sushi, teriyaki, or any other oriental dish. Drink special: Saki (4Gp) a sweet rice wine imported from the eastern kingdoms.
• The Highest Hope: Fair/Cheap, (sea level) Owner Liam Rostan (Human Rog) 1 story, 24 suites, live entertainment, smoking lounge. Despite its name this dive is a common place for sailors and other riff-raff to stay while there are visiting the city. Due to its rambunctious nature Grennat has begun posting guards nearby watching for curfew breakers and drunkards who may wander out to late.

Temples and Shrines:
Temples: Kellan (Coral level), Belat (Sea level)
Shrines: Terey (Sea level), Pellmar (Pearl level), Ya’min (Shell level)

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