Daytar Leamay’s Deities:

A Standard polytheistic faith. In Daytar Leamay, the people worship whichever of the deities they personally fancy. It is common for individuals to keep little personal shrines in there homes for their favored Deity and small ceramic statuettes are available at almost every temple (2-50gp). The myth structure is easily recognizable as the personification of man in all of his glory and terror, the gods reflecting the people, with great acts of heroics courage, desperation and folly, even a smattering of simple evil. The universe is looked at as being structured by these deities through there watching over of every aspect of life. Each Deity being corresponded to some aspect of life. While no faith is directly outlawed in Daytar Leamay except Leanta darksun. The pantheon of Shadow avoids having a direct presence in the major cities but followers are common, if well hidden.
While the provinces have been under one rule for over 150 years now, the eastern province had its own set of divinities and over the past few hundred years the pantheons have merged, and all the divinities are worshiped throughout the whole kingdom, however each city has its own patrons and finding a temple to a particular deity may require some travel.

New Domains

The Gods of Daytar Leamay

Pantheon of light
God/dess Alignment gender Domains (5.0) Domains (Pathfinder) Class Favored weapon East/West
Osmat the Just LG m Light, Heroic, Justice Sun, Liberation, Nobility, Glory (Heroic), Justice Paladin Long sword W
Lenndra (the compassionate one) LG f Life, Water, Moon, Vows Healing, Water, Moon, Compassion, Vows Cleric Long bow W
Kellan (Law) LG m Strength, Balance, Vows Law, Strength, Balance, Guardian, Vows Monk Unarmed E
Belat the shining NG m Fire, Strength, Guardian hearth (Fire) , Protection, Strength, Community, Guardian Fighter Great axe W
Pellmar (know) CG m Knowledge, Astrology, Magic Artifice, Knowledge, Good, Magic, Astrology Wizard Dagger W
Terey the lost CG m Tempest, Water, Wanderer, Moon Water, Protection, Weather, Moon Wanderer Sorcerer Net & Trident W
Pantheon of balance
God/dess Alignment gender Domains (5.0) Domains (Pathfinder) Class Favored weapon East/West
Mayssa (wild) TN f Nature, Plants, Hunter Nature, Earth, Plants (growth), Animal, Hunter Druid natural weapons W
Ishmara (luck) TN f Trickery, Wanderer, Luck gambling (Luck), Air, Travel, Wanderer Bard Rapier W
Filila (harvest) TN f Nature, Balance, Plants Nature, Plants, repose, Balance Commoner Scythe E
Heaybara (earth) LN m Nature, Tempest, Hunter Earth, Animal, Plant, weather (seasons) Hunter Ranger Scimitar W
Jakate (valkrey) LN f War, Strength, Guardian, Vows Liberation, Strength, nobility (martyr) Guardian, Vows Fighter Great sword E
Tamama (crazy) CN f Trickery, Fire, Madness Chaos, Trickery (thievery), Fire, destruction, madness Rogue Dagger W
Hobin unseen CN ? Trickery, Luck, Wanderer Trickery (deception), Luck (curse), Illusion (Magic), madness, Wanderer Cleric Blowgun W
Pantheon of Shadow
God/dess Alignment gender Domains (5.0) Domains (Pathfinder) Class Favored weapon East/West
Ya’min (discipline) LE f War, Destruction, Strength Law, Strength, War, Destruction, glory, Monk Spiked chain W
Keara (judge) LE m Justice, Ancestor, Destruction Law, Community, Destruction, repose (ancestors), Justice Fighter War hammer W
Rebat (undead) NE m Ancestor, Magic, Astrology Magic, Evil, Death (undead), Darkness, Astrology Sorcerer Sickle W
Wantaras(shade) NE m Trickery, Luck, Strength Trickery (Thievery), Luck, Strength, Darkness, Hunter Rogue Crossbow E
Leanta darksun CE f War,Destruction, Fire Evil, Darkness, Fire, War, destruction Barbarian 2 bladed sword W
Deria (seduction) CE f Trickery, Seduction,Luck Evil, Beauty, Trickery (deception), Charm, Seduction Bard Whip E

Specialized or Racial Deities
These divinities are only worshiped by the specific group which they come from and are not found anywhere in the kingdom outside of their groups.

God Ali sex Domains (D&D 5.0) Domains (Pathfinder) Race Favored weapon
Dammini CG f Nature, Strength, Guardian Strength, Nature, Guardian Protection, Liberation Amazon Bola
Erikki NG m Guardian, Earth, Strength, Fire Strength, Earth, Protection, Forge (Fire), Community Dwarf War hammer
Genossa CG m Justice, Astrology,
Good, knowledge, magic (arcane), Astrology, Justice Elf Long sword
Illannida NG f Life, Nature, Magic Healing, Protection, magic (divine) Nature Beauty Elf Long bow
Goroden TN m Nature, Hunter, Guardian Horse (animal), Protection, Guardian, Earth, Balance The Horse Lords Whip
Megami NG f Heroic, Guardian, Hunter Protection, Animal (fur), Good, community, nobility, Hunter Puggii short sword
Minasa CG m Knowledge, Astrology, Ancestor,Magic Protection, Illusion (Magic) , knowledge, repose (ancestor), Astrology Gnome gnome hooked hammer
Unnida NE f Guardian, Earth, Ancestor Bureaucracy (Law), Evil, Protection, Earth (caves), repose (ancestor) Druegar Light pick
Yallana LG f Nature, Plants, Earth, Guardian Guardian, Nature, earth, plant (growth), Beauty Halfling Sickle

Patrons and Heros:


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