Silken Hand 50

The Silken hands are a highly territorial thieves guild known for leaving the bodies of freelancers outside of their controlled cities and towns, hanging from a tree by the neck with their hands in a black silk bag at their feet. To operate within their cities rogues agree to pay the guild a 50Gp entrance fee and 10% of their take. They have many of the judges, lawyers and guards on their payroll, so members can rely on a certain amount of protection from the law.

Expertise: Most Silken hand members take Intimidation and slight of hand as their expertise but this is not a requirement.

Fence: At 3rd level your contacts can get you top dollar for your stolen items, even put high end stuff up for sale in black market auctions. When you sell stolen goods you can expect a 15% price increase from normal sale prices.

Street menace: At 3rd level you pick 2 skills listed below, you have advantage on both skills; Acrobatics, Intimidation and Slight of hand.

Reputation: At 9th level your skills are renown and most other thieves have heard of you, you have a reputation to protect. you receive a + 2 bonus on Persuasion and Deception skill rolls.

Twinkle of magic: At 9th level you can cast mage hands a number of times equal to your charisma modifier, you use charisma to cast.

Thief lord: At 13th level you receive payments from lower guild members and can count on a regular monthly income of (at least) 10 Gp x your rogue level, you infamy has grown and you may be actively hunted by law authorities.

Vanishing act At 13th level You can cast Alter Self a number of times a day equal to your charisma modifier as an action or a bonus action.

Thieves meditation: At 17th level you can place yourself in a deep trance state, during which you cannot move, speak or eat. In this state you create a shadowy illusion of yourself that you can control. This Illusionary self is capable of carrying 10 lbs. of weight, float, fly, and pass through walls, though not while carrying anything that cannot do so normally. It can interact with the world around it but it makes no noise and cannot speak. You can stay in this state for a number of minutes equal to your rogue level. At the end of this time, or any physical disturbances or damage to your body, forces you to drop anything you are carrying and return to your body. Any DCs related to interacting with the illusion are (DC 8 + pro + cha)

Silken Hand 50

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