Arcane Spells

D&D Pathfinder school level Description
Color Color Illusion Wiz 0, Sorc 0 Creates a patch of color
Lighter Lighter Conjuration Wiz 0, Sorc 0 Creates a small flame
Amplify sound Amplify Sound Illusion Wiz1, Sorc1, Bard1 Creates a loud cone of sound
Bone Armor Bone Armor Necromancy Wiz/ sorc 1, W 1 Natural armor
Lightening Wingtips Lighting Wingtips Evocation Wiz/Sorc 1 W 1 electricity damage
Illusory Arena Illusory Arena Illusion Wiz/Sorc 1 You create a dueling arena
Mirror Stride Mirror Stride Conjuration Wiz/sorc 5 transport yourself between mirrors

Divine Spells

Lure Lure enchantment Dr 1,Rng 1, W 1 draws 1d4 animals/hour to a location
Filila’s Garden Filila‚Äôs Garden conjuration Druid 1, cleric 1 Creates a veggie garden
Snow Shelter Snow Shelter conjuration (creation) Cl-2, Dru-2, Rang-2 You create a an igloo
Unbreakable Contract Unbreakable contract law/necromancy Cl 5 A lethal contract to break
Call of the herd Call of the herd enchantment Cl 7, Dr 7 All animals come to your call and do your bidding


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