The Planet Starholm’s rotational cycle consists of 380 days per year. A standard day lasts 27 hours. The sky is blessed with 2 moons, called different thing is different cultures, in Daytar Leamay they are called; Lenndra’s Light, the larger of the two moons is bright white and runs through a rotational cycle consisting of 95 days, giving it 4 full moon phases each year, the full moons last 6 days before beginning to wane and smaller moon, called Terey, has a slight bluish tint and runs through a rotational cycle of 20 Days, giving it 19 full moons in a year, each full moon lasts only 1 day. See Calendar
Astrologers are aware of 4 other planets however, outside of the followers of Pellmar, they are basically unknown to the populous.


The Kingdom of Daytar Leamay: The Primary Human kingdom in the west. They are a traditional European culture with a few twists. The king is a paladin and runs his kingdom in a fair and just manner, but while influence has stabilized and improved the kingdom, dark forces, from long forgotten wars are rumbling in dark alleys. Cut throats, drug pushers, and worse spread their evil and Monsters wander freely in the uncivilized areas.

“The Kingdom of Saymantia”: The western half of the eastern continent. In Saymantia the Humans are the minority and the animalistic humanoids rule. Some would call them savages or backwards, but the subtlety and complexity of their culture rivals others even if their technology is a bit more limited.

“The Kingdom of Jerrita”: A desert land where water is more precious than gold. Wild desert raiders, jinn and devils manipulate the politics and peoples of the kingdom with brutality and blood soaked treachery.

“The El diablo Swamp:” An almost endless half submerged land that that almost never see’s sunlight through the dense canopy, the ground crawls with the foulest creatures and those who live there, must contend with killing, or being killed, daily.

“The Island Kingdom of Treymat”: A Truly primitive place, dinosaurs, cave men and pterodactyls are only a few of the dangers that await the careless. But the bounty of resources draws treasure seekers and adventurers alike.

“The kingdom of Goldhar”: A Hellish and violent place filled thieves, cons, and slaves. The Imperial dynasty of dragon lords keep the populous crushed under thumb.

“The Kingdom of Gah”: An Oriental land, in which honor holds greater sway than gold, and ninjas crawl through the night.


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