The Albright Military Academy

History: Formed over 200 years ago in Nader, by the retired right hand man of the king. This place has stood for years as the basis of training for every person willing to wield a sword, or any other weapon for that matter, in a military manner. Members of The Silver Swords and The Kingmen are often sent here for advancement training. It is also known as one of the best places to hire quality mercenaries and keeps very elaborate records of any of its trainees, and how they can be contacted. They also provide the training for new recruits of Nader’s city guard.
Recently a small but dedicated group of Pugilist have created a fighting club which holds live matches the 1st day of every week. This venue is often packed with close to 200 people each paying 2Sp to watch the show, which consists of 4-9 matches that last anywhere from 1 round to as long as 2 minuets.

Leaders and members:

  • Commandant Listab Facin (1/2 Elf Fighter/16): A retired general and veteran of the Ice wars The commandant runs a tight ship and still makes the commencement speech to each graduating class. While no longer in his prime he still manages to efficiently run the place and set high expectations for both his staff and students.
  • Major Rom Ka’tar (1/2 Orc Ranger/10): The primary trainer for most the raw recruits and 0th level entrants. He is scary and mean and drills them to the bone, but gets great results.
  • Corpral Ravish Issak (1/2 elf fighter/4): Known around the academy as “the pretty boy” Ravish is certainly more charming and good looking than the average member, however he’s also a fair fighter. Ravish is in charge of recruitment drives and organizing the schedule for Kingsmen and Silver Swords
  • Basio Cottage (human Pugilist/8]]: Current champion of the Albright boxing club. He’s a walking slab of meat that doesn’t chit chat much.

Training and levels:
The academy offers 2 week long intense training courses in any of the martial classes. These courses are meant to assist in Level advancement. They also offer 2 day crash courses in combat feats and traits. Members of The Kingmen and The Silver Swords have their class fee’s covered. They also have a unique form of training called Pugilist.
2 week (10day) course (including food and board) : 150Gp x level
2 week (10day) course (classes only): 100Gp x level
5 day focused training Feats (including food and board): 110Gp
5 day focused training Feats (classes only): 90Gp
1 month Pugilist training (including food and board): 200Gp x level

Classes: Any martially inclined class, Pugilist, Fighters with The Albright advantage, Paladins with Oath of the Silver Sword
Backgrounds D&D 5.0: Any
Pathfinder world Traits: Any Combat Traits

Bases: The Academy is in Nader

Getting in: Pay the fees and your in! classes start every month. Go talk to “the pretty boy” he’ll get you signed up, and on the schedule.

The Albright Military Academy

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