The Amazons 50

Generally speaking this class is not available in Daytar Leamay, however Mistress Kyera the mayor of Kutzan is an amazon and trains her leopards in this style.

Deep in the south past the Kingdom of Jerrita there lies a vast swamp known only as the Diablo Swamp . Those who choose to dwell within the swamp are truly hearty and dangerous folk, among these the most feared are the amazon tribes. Fierce violent warrior women who broker no insults and take no prisoners. The amazon lifestyle is not for everyone, however they strongly believe that any woman who comes to them for protection shall not only have it but they will make her a sister and train her in their ways of combat.
These fearsome warrior women that are never to be underestimated, their fighting style consists primarily of acrobatic movement, and ambush. They believe that the only way to survive is to use any means necessary to win in a conflict, and the intelligent way to fight is to stay out of the fight and be sure the opponent never gets their hands upon them. They are at home in the trees and often stay off the ground for an entire fight whenever possible.

Prerequisite: Female

Alignment: Like Barbarians, amazons are never Lawful, however they run the gambit of the other alignments leaning towards chaotic alignments

Religion: The Amazons worship their own Goddess, Dammini, Warrior Queen.

Natural Explorer: At 1st level an Amazon chooses Swamp or Forest as her first Natural Explorer. Amazons have advantage on Acrobatic, Perception, Stealth, and Survival skill checks when she is in this terrain. At higher levels she may choose other terrains without penalty however bonus only applies to swamps and forest.

Fighting Styles: At 2nd and 11th level Amazons can choose from these fighting styles or the normal ranger ones.

  • Jungle Movement: An amazon at least 5’ off the ground in the trees can move their base speed as normal by swinging from vines and leaping from branch to branch through the canopy ignoring any effects due to terrain. This ability only works in medium to dense swamp or dense forest, and cannot be used while wearing medium to heavy armor or while heavily encumbered.
  • Ambush: The amazon becomes accomplished at attacking from cover and concealment and develops an ability similar to the rogues sneak attack. Once per turn, you can deal an extra 1d6 damage to one creature you hit with an attack if you have advantage on the attack roll. The attack must use a finesse or a ranged weapon and you must begin your turn in stealth or concealment.
  • Fast Stealth: An amazon can use Stealth at full movement speed without penalty and always has advantage on stealth rolls.

Fast Movement: At 3rd level an amazon is trained to move like the wind, their base speed is + 10 ’ faster than their races. An amazon cannot wear medium or heavy armor or be heavily encumbered and keep this bonus.

Jungles anger: At 7th level the amazon uses the very vines and trees to protect herself. A number of times equal to her wisdom modifier the amazon may cast entangle

Bonus fighting style At 11th level an amazon chooses a second fighting style from either the amazon or ranger list.

Jungles wraith: At 15th level the amazon can cast spike growth a number of times a day equal to their wisdom modifier.


The Amazons 50

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