The Badlands


An “uninhabited” stretch of tundra between the northern boarder of the The Dark Forest and The Steppes, Between the Western Boarder of Daytar Leamay and Saymantia of where nothing but clumps of low lying frost covered of grass grows, the temperature is always abysmal even in the sun in summer, and the wind in a nonstop force to be reckoned with. Bandits along the road are common, as are Orcs and Goblins.
This area has strange effects on magic, the Dyrodach, Nature spirits who protect their environments have all been killed in this area. Their loss has broken the connection to magic within the badlands. All casters must make a spellcraft check DC (10+sp lvl) to cast any spells.

Random Encounter Table: (D%)

Day Night
01- 07 01-14 Bandits 2d4
08-14 15- 29 Bandits 4d4
15-27 30-32 Ettin PFB1pg130
28- 35 33- 45 Gargoyle PFB1pg137
35-47 46- 50 Linnorm PFB1pg190
48-58 51-58 Remoraz PFB1pg233
59- 65 59- 62 Saber-toothed tiger PFB1pg265
66- 79 63- 72 Wakanda
80- 88 73- 88 Winter Wolf Pack PFB1pg280
89- 99 89-99 Woolly Rhino PFB1pg235
00 00 Dragons

Raven’s Outpost: A shanty town built by the rejects of two nations, outlaws, barbarians and uncivilized folk live here and find a way to tax anyone passing through.

The Badlands

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