The Barbarian clans

There are 2 prominent barbarian clans that live on the glacier that lies along the northern edge of the kingdom know as the Steppes. The Hammerfall clan rules the western portion of the Steppes and the Dragonfall clan rules the eastern portion as divided by the Drivan River. Both clans have a peace treaty with the kingdom that includes a non-interference pact on their tribal lands. This treaty has been in place for 127 years, some of the younger generations are tired of being held in place and want to return to the old ways of taking and doing whatever they want. Life on the glacier is hard and dangerous but filled with its own rewards. The clans have domestic goats, but most of their meat comes from the hunting of large very dangerous beasts that roam the Steppes, the rest of their goods come from trade with a few of the braver caraven families.
The clans are primarily made up of Orcs, 1/2 Orcs and a few humans (mostly those that didn’t agree with civilization or ran from the law). Some members of the Hammerfall clan have been lured into The Badlands by the Ice Queen who has promised them domination over “the wicked paladin king how usurps there god given rights to be free”

Leaders and Members:
Dragonfall Clan:
Master Pronkk OO: Leader Orc, Barbarian 18
Coraina Dragonfall: Clan cleric Leanta darksun 8
Borrik: Coraina’s nephew, Barbarian 2

Hammerfall Clan:
Lobb Vexx: Leader 1/2 Orc Barbarian 16

Training and Levels: None, just survive the artic waste they live in
Classes: Barbarians, Rangers, Warlocks with Snow walker Patron
Backgrounds D&D 5.0: Any, Thug life, Mountain man, Glacier walker
Pathfinder World Traits: Outrider, Cannibal, Break their fingers, Thug life, Glacier Dweller

Bases: None

Getting in: Surprisingly more difficult if your unwilling to marry the chiefs daughter then you should prove yourself in battle against a clan member.

The Barbarian clans

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