The Elven Ranger Corp

History: The elven ranger corps has existed for longer than even the elves can remember, certainly as long as the city of Elfholm and Liannaita Forest, they protect the lives of the good peoples of the forest, rout out nests of goblins, and kobolds, and patrol the forest. Some might think of them as the Elven army, and its not far from the truth, if an army was necessary.

Leaders and members:

  • Master Leat Mayflower: Elven ranger
  • Quatermaster Paleflower Leafblown
  • Training sergeant Koral Nomman
  • Recruiter: Lemon Leal

Training and levels: Elves wishing to receive training can take Elven Ranger Corp Archetype for rangers. They may also take the Teamwork Feat if feats are allowed in your campaign.
Classes Any, mostly Rangers with The Elven Ranger Corp Archetype
Backgrounds D&D 5.0: Any, Caravan member, Caravan member, City Guard, Squire, Log rider, Friend of Nobility, Woodsman
Pathfinder World Traits: Outrider, Friend of Royalty, City Guard, Night watch, HALT!, Guards Reactions, Merchant caravan member, Entertainer caravan member, Druid council Member, Forest Dweller

Bases: The main base, barracks and training center are in Elfholm but there are many shelters and watch towers that they use and maintain throughout the forest.

Getting in: Be an Elf or Half elf and be willing to do everything your told. Most of the time its just patrolling specific routes looking for trouble and destroying dens on goblins and lizardmen.


The Elven Ranger Corp

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