The Kingmen

History: Unlike The Silver Swords which have only been around for the last 30 years defending the king, the Kingmen have held a vital role in the defense of Aerie and the safety of travel across the kingdom since Aerie was built 250 years ago. Technically the kings army, the kingmen serve primarily as the city guard and country patrol, they can be called on by the king at any time to fight in war. They patrol the city, take care of the prison and handle any jobs to menial for the silver swords and patrol the Kings road. It is possible to hire a kingmen for several purposes including personal bodyguards, delivering secure mail to other cities, or other tasks fit for a military man, however they are quite pricy and demand that all your business be above level as they will not help or protect criminals and any criminal actions in their presence is grounds to be arrested. So they are really only used by the nobles in their petty politics. A kings men is expected to be in uniform any time he is on duty, this includes when he is on the road, and a kings men out of uniform isn’t a kings men.

Leaders and members:
Lord Fanlaz Raygar A crewl and despicable man he was appointed to the position of commander of the The Kingmen by the previous King Patter Harramany when he saved the old king’s life from an assassination attempt. This old soldier’s personal view on crime and punishment borders on sadistic and greed often gets the better of his sense of justice as he is known to allow bribes for significant nobles and more significantly he receives large bribes from the silken hand and has a cat and mouse game with them going at all times, often planed out in detail over wine with Earl Pennal Yalos. luckily he is quite old and will likely not have the post for much longer.
Captain Morgan: (Human Fighter 14, LG) A Burly direct man who enjoys his rum. In charge of hiring new recruits and scheduling patrols. Short on manners but has a good sense of humor. He is aggressively loyal towards Commander Raygar and sees him as a role model but that would change in a second if he ever found out about Raygars corruption.

Training and levels: The kingmen are offered full training facilities at the barracks in Aerie and are expected once a year to undergo advancement training at a week long seminar at The Albright Military Academy in Nader. This training is offered year round to avoid having to many people away from the force at once, so it can be taken at any time, but it must be scheduled with Captain Morgan. Pay is 5 GP per week to start and 1GP/week raises can be had by undergoing advancement training or otherwise proving yourself to be a model guard.
Class: Any martial class. Fighters may take The Albright Advantage
Backgrounds D&D 5.0: Any, Horse Lord, Red Boars Guild member, Scholarship, Navy Sailor, City Guard, Squire, Log rider, Ferry driver, Friend of Nobility, Sailor, Mountain man, Woodsman
Pathfinder World traits Guards reactions, Night watch, Halt, City Guard

Bases: The Kingmen are based in the Barracks of the City of Aerie. Kingmen on the road receive free room and board from any of the “kings inns” along the kings road so long as their in uniform and have their orders with them.

Getting in: You to can become a kingmen and have all the glory of patrolling the kingdom and Aeries walls, guarding the prisons and occasionally shoveling out the stables, all you have to do is find and talk to Captain Morgan and prove to him you can wield a sword with at least some proficiency and ride a horse. Then you get to wear the shiny blue and white tabard with the kings crest on the back and trade crude jokes with you fellow guards down at the cocky rocky.

The Kingmen

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