Large Port City, Population:19000

History: A wild town known for sailors and students all of whom like to party, many shady dealing go on here, it is said that anything can be had for the right price, if you know the right people. The Black Specters have a presence here though they do not actively discourage freelancers. They do a brisk trade in their illicit drugs with the sailors, prostitutes and the students.

Primary Imports and Exports: Fresh and salted fish and pearls are directly exported, however as the primary port city for the eastern half of the kingdom, everything passes through here at some point, particularly most of the trade from Jerrita. There is also a fair bit of trade for rare herbs and artifacts found in the Great marsh. Many people risk its sucking waters for the pricey treasures. The other major export from T’nari are the wizards and sorcerers that come out of its The University of Arcanum.

Racial breakdown:

• The Wailing Banshie: Good/Cheap, Owner: Peran Hittie (elf), 2 stories, 18 suites, pit roasting meat. A common hang out from the mage students from the college, this place is often packed, many of the students are jokers and will use and excuse to practice their latest non-lethal spells on unwary passers through. The lights are all continual light spells, they have even placed lights in the out houses. Drink special: The Arcane Mastery a layered shot of blue/clear/red liquors with silver flakes throughout, tastes of cranberry, vanilla and blueberry.
• The White Hart: Excellent/Expensive, Owner: Pattan Caral (Halfling), 4 stories, 29 suites, live entertainment, bathes. A high end establishment mostly frequented by visiting dignitaries and nobles. Menu: stuffed veal chops with bitter salad or whole roasted quail and baby potatoes. Very good selection of wine including fine imports from the elven nation.
• The Darling Roc: Excellent/Reasonable, Owner Frank Jonas, 3 stories, 24 suites, bathes, massage parlor, this hidden gem is kept a secret by the locals who frequent it and don’t wish it filled up with riff-raff, a quiet and fine establishment, there is a sign on the front door that reads “no adventurers”. The menu includes: fresh venison steaks with sweet potatoes, perfectly grilled salmon steaks in a lemon sauce with a bed of jasmine rice and steamed veggies. Drink special: the Dreambloom, a creamy thick cocktail of coconut milk and spiced rum served with a orchid as garnish.
• The Warfs Cry: Poor/Cheap, Owner: Kanta Faz (human), 2 stories, 16 suites, sleeping allowed in common room. Dock side dive, this dingy place is frequented by the roughest of the sailors. Menu generally includes poached fish of the day and mashed potatoes. Beer is watered down.
• Sultans Palace: Good/Reasonable: Owner: Jenno Ousat (human), 3 stories, 22 suites, live entertainment, another dock side establishment which caters more to the passengers than the crews. This newly opened establishment is decorated like a harem, the wenches are all wearing belly dancing outfits and the jolly fat owner is dressed head to toe in fluency silks and curly toed shoes. The side tables all have silk tents draped over them that are connected to the ceiling. The live entertainments is belly and sword dancing preformed by the owners wife. Menu includes Shwarma, or falafels with salad and Jasmin rice. No drink specials but the wine is strong and the beer is cold.
• The Boiling Cauldron: Fair/Cheap, Owner Suzaz P’nat (Paymar kin, 2 stories, 16 suites, bathes, smoking lounge, This dockside pub is frequented by the ship captains and merchants who are passing through. A decent place to pick up work. Menu includes: Catch of the day with bean salad or frank n’ beans in a bread boul.
• The Mermaids Splash, Poor/Cheap, Owner Hentax Vicasa (1/2 elf), 3 stories, 32 suites, nightly brawls, strip club, this back alley club is located at the very end of dock street. The floors are sticky (better not ask with what) the girls are all topless and most will do “favors” for the right price (Cha’s 8-12, around 10-15GP) mostly filled with sailors and local scum this isn’t a place for the fairer folk. Many dark deals are worked out in their secluded back booths. Menu includes batter fried fish and chips and weak beer.
• The Octopus’s Dance: Good/Reasonable, Owner Lammas Tey (Human), 3 stories, 24 suites, Captains club, Bathes. Like the Boiling cauldron a place for the captains, merchants and and often adventurers who have taste and gold. Located in the middle of Dock street it is the most prominent place on the street. Carved in 3D relief is a giant octopus over the door its tentacles draping down over the door frame. Menu includes: Deep fried calamari (2GP) or Grilled Shark steaks with pilaf rice. Drink Special: Message in a bottle, a bottle of dark beer mixed with a shot of dark rum, containing a bit of parchment that has been waxed with beeswax (to add a bit of honey flavor) on which is written a cryptic fortune.

Temples and Shrines:
Temples: Ishmara, Lenndra, Pellmar
Shrines: Terey, Osmat, Belat, Rebat, Hobin

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