Waterfall style 50

Waterfall style is taught at The Ti Dar Monastery by Master Ree LaWren. This style of training includes standing, and doing kata’s in the waterfall. it focuses on stability of the self and taking advantage of the instability’s of others. Trainees are left for hours “holding back the fall” or, as they advance they focus on mastering the rushing forces of the waterfall.

Rushing fists At 3rd level Waterfall style monks gain rushing fists. They may spend a ki point to push their opponent back 5’ upon a successful unarmed attack.

Improved Trip At 3rd level waterfall style monks add twice their proficiency bonus to trip attack rolls.

Waters gift At 6th level gain waters gift. They receive Cold resistance and they gain a 30’ swim speed and are unaffected by fast moving water. They can easily navigate through rapids and other treacherous waters. They may hold their breath for twice as long as normal.

Slip stream At 11th level they gain slip stream, they may expend 2pts of their ki pool to move 3x faster than their normal speed for a number of rounds equal to their level.

Self tsunami At 17th level they gain Self tsunami. Once a day they are able to summon around themselves a ball of water that moves with them like a wall or wave. When the monk using self tsunami moves into melee range before attacking their target must make a dexterity save against your ki save DC to avoid being knocked prone and pushed back a distance equal to 1/2 monk level in feet, in addition to the monks normal attacks. The monk does not risk drowning nor falling prone from this attack. ranged attacks have disadvantage against you and your AC increases by + 2. This ability lasts a number of rounds equal to your wisdom modifier and only refreshed with a long rest.


Waterfall style 50

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