World traits

World Traits unique to Daytar Leamay traits (PFUCa pg51)
These background traits are unique to Daytar Leamay, some are only available through training with certain groups. whether they begin play as members or Later join the group and take the feat extra traits. Some are based upon initial living situations.

General traits any one can have them
Outrider: Spent a lot of time in the wilds gain a +1 survival and knowledge nature and they are class skills for you.
Friend of Royalty: The nobility have many friends and allies, gain a +1 diplomacy and Knowledge (Nobility) skill checks.
Cannibal: You have done the unthinkable and tasted the flesh of your own race. you gain a +1 survival and craft (cooking) these are class skills.
Break their fingers: You gain a +2 intimidate competence bonus to skill checks while victim is restrained, in order to gather information.
Thug life:: Use to beating people down in groups, your tactics include pushing, shoving and kicking. In groups of 3 or more people with “thug life” get +2 to CMB
Paymar decedent: many of the blood line still exist but only 2 (so far) in this generation have been born with “the curse”. The rest get Diplomacy and knowledge (nobility) as class skills. Paymars have access to the Sorcerers Lycanthrope Bloodline

Institution Based traits you must have trained at one of the Organizations to take these traits
City Guard: Standing watch over your city or town tought you a thing or two about what to look for. receive a + 1 on all Diplomancy and Sence Motive Skill checks. You must serve time with any of the city guards to take this trait.
Night watch: Stuck on the night watch for years helped you develop a good eye for shadows and movement. Gain Low-light vision. You must serve time with any of the city guards to take this trait.
HALT!: you’ve learned to be very commanding in your orders, Use a diplomacy or intimidate skill check (DC 10 + Hd) to stop the movement of target humanoid who understands your language. This only lasts one round and does not work a second time on the same target. You must serve time with any of the city guards to take this trait.
Guards Reactions: when an adjacent ally would be hit by an attack of opportunity you may substitute your AC for theirs by switching your positions and taking the hit yourself. You cannot do this if you have expended all you attacks of opportunity for this round. You must serve time with any of the city guards to take this trait.
King’s Defender: Add a + 2 to an adjacent ally by sacrificing a – 2 to your AC. You must serve time with The Silver Swords to take this trait.
Shinning Example: Good and Neutral Citizens of Daytar Leamay react to you one step better on the NPC reactions and Evil Creatures react to you 1 step worse. You must serve time with The Silver Swords to take this trait.
Way of the Jaguar: You have an uncanny night sense, gain + 1 stealth and sense motive skill checks, You must serve time with The Leopards or be WereJaguar to take this trait.
Red Boars Guild Member: Members of law enforcement react to you favorably when presented with the guild ring. small infractions are over looked in order to serve greater justice. Most city guards will assist Boar guild members within reason, if requested. Boars guild members gain a + 2 to attack on non-lethal attacks. You must serve with Red Boars Guild to take this trait.
Horse Lord Clan member: you grew up riding, training and caring for horses. + 1 Ride, appraise (animal) and Handle animal Skill checks. Must be Human and a member of The Horse Lord Clans
Merchant caravan member: buying and selling commodities across the mountains is dangerous work, Gain a + 1 appraise and bluff. You must have been raised by The Caravans to take this trait.
Entertainer caravan member: travelling troupes of entertainers circle the kingdom entertaining common folk and nobility alike. Gain + 1 perform or craft and + 1 slight of hand. You must have been raised by The Caravans to take this trait.
Silken Hands guild member: Members pay 50Gp per month and 10% of their takes, however the guild fences pay between 70%- 250% list price, The rarer the item the more they pay. Most these items are sold in Mountain view but the truly hot items are often auctioned off to black market collectors. Furthermore guild members receive a 50% discount off list prices in guild stores. recognized by secret hand gestures.
Black Specters member: Member of the Specters have access to any poison or drug desired at 70% list price. The black specters protect their own and will offer bribes, intimidate and assassinate to protect their secrets. recognized by small “S” brand on inner pinky finger.
Shadows Breath guild member: Members can use one of 6 safe houses dispersed throughout the city to hide or resupply. members can transfer cash into gems without cost. Shadow breath members can be identified by the phrase “moonlight breezes”
Fugu Clan Member: All clan members are considered to have the “mentored” social trait and have access to the various safe houses, equipment and underground tunnels they control. Further more they eat and sleep for free at the Black Tiger Inn in Mat Jabar
The University of Arcanum Trained: University graduates receive a number of benefits, they can use the library, or labs for their research. They may stay in the dormitory for free while studying and for a nominal fee while not studying. They may add an extra spell to their spell books or spell known list for each level of spell they know (this does not effect their number of casting slots) above and beyond any other bonus spells for high stats or school specialization or bloodline.
Charitable Scholarship: You could not afford the fees at The University of Arcanum but showed enough potential to earn a scholarship from a mysterious benefactor. You owe someone your education. Let hope they don’t ask you to use it for their benefit at some later date.
Carried the Bell: You carried a 150+ lb brass Bell to The Ti Dar Monastery, You know tired like no other and gain a +2 to fortitude saving throws against fatigue and exhaustion this stacks with endurance. You must be a cleric or monk of Kellan
Gissalar Musical academy training: Gain a + 2 competence bonus on Perception (listen) and + 1 on a single Perform skill.
Druid council Member: After completing their binder trial and being initiated at 5th lvl, council members are trained to used the standing stones to teleport from place to place and may do so as they like.

Location Based traits you must have lived in an appropriate location(s) most of your life
Swamp Dweller: You’ve lived your whole life next to the fetid swamp and know its danger and mysteries, +1 survival (swamp) and + 1 knowledge (nature/swamp) skill checks, these count as Class skills.
Swamp Picker: You didn’t just live next to the swamp you collected its precious botany for alchemical purpose, gain a +1 alchemy and knowledge nature
mountain dweller: You’ve lived in the mountains your whole life, gain a +1 on survival (mountain) and knowledge (nature/mountain) skill checks, these count as class skills.
Mountains shadow: slipping around in cracks and shadows is second nature to you. gain a + 1 stealth and knowledge (dungeoneering)
Caravan member: A life on the road has prepared you for anything, gain a + 1 on knowledge (geography), survival (hunting/foraging).
Monastery life: The discipline and order of the monastery imbued you with a greater sense of self so lone as you meditate everyday you gain a + 1 will save
Glacier Dweller: Living on the ice is beyond harsh, gain a + 1 Survival (cold) and + 1 to resist damage from environmental, non magical cold.
Desert Dweller: Few and far between are the people who live in the desert, gain a + 1 survival (desert), and if your wisdom is 10 or greater you may also cast “create water” once a day.
Forest Dweller: Gain a + 1 knowledge (nature/forest), + 1 survival (forest), and may take sylvan as a language. They also gain a +1 diplomacy to dealing with fey creatures.
Plains Dweller: gain a + 1 knowledge (nature/planes), + 1 survival (planes), furthermore plains Dwellers may 1/day make a knowledge (nature) at a +5 to determine the days weather.

World traits

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