Welcome to the kingdom of Daytar Leamay, a province of the world of Starholm. Daytar Leamay is a fully functioning campaign setting for any fantasy adventure. It was initially designed for D&D 3.5, then updated to Pathfinder and I am currently updating it for D&D 5.0. So occasionally you may find out of date material. Please be kind, I get to them as quickly as I can.

I should mention that this world is full of great and evil things, because of this, it is intended for adults only. YOU MUST BE OVER 18!
How to use:
Players: Below is an index of information that is open and shared knowledge throughout the kingdom, as well as character building chapters. A complete section of players’ maps is located below the index. The maps show all the towns and cities of the kingdom as well as the King’s Road. There is a simplified version for players who prefer to fill in town names as they discover them.

DMs: All DM information, including Monsters, Random monster tables, Secret lore, Magic items and everything else a DM could need is NOW AVAILABLE! Please visit my Patreon page to gain access to the Loremaster Guide to Daytar Leamay

Kingdom Info Character building
System Agnostic Dungeons & Dragons 5.0
Environment Cities New Races
Government Towns New Classes
Laws Religion World Backgrounds
Calendar/Festivals Organizations New Feats
History of the kingdom Coinage New Equipment
Sports, entertainments, games Inns New Spells
Stories of the Kingdom

Simple Players Map


Complete Players Map


Copyright notice: The stories, races classes and other things shown within are the creative copyright of RPGQuill & the author, they conform to the creative common licenses for the RPG games Pathfinder and Dungeons and Dragons, and are offered to whomever wishes to play. The images within, with the exception of the hand drawn maps, have been derived from internet searches. I attempt to find images labeled as free to use but, I make no claim to the copyright of these images and will comply to any authentic specific copyright requests for removal. Please email any inquiries to RPGQuill (at)


The Kingdom of Daytar Leamay