Awards ceremony

Sinna Leafberry Glides out on to stage she is wearing a long flowing blue satin robe that is skin tight, her waist length black hair held back by several leaf shaped clips crowing her subtly.
“Honored gathered guests, I have the most wonderful privilege of introducing to you those student that during their stay here have proven themselves to be exceptional. These awards are the most sought after in the school as not only do they gain the glory of being an exceptional student, but also a scholarship that covers half of their next years tuition!

First up, The Golden Quill: here at the university the students are required to assist in the repair and maintenance of the library, some see it as a chore, others a chance to read a rare bit of lore, but for some student it is an act of love. One student has spent all his free time in the scriptorium. He has dedicated himself to the preservation of knowledge for future students, and for that we honor him. Not surprisingly Rayraz Habic has earned this award for the last 3 years in a row! Congratulations once again Rayraz.

The Emerald Ivy award is earned by the student who volunteers their time and effort in the green house or kennel. Kirry Songleaf and Savir Loppin both tell me that they have been graced with a shining star Punnic Reland who has shown himself as an exceptionally gifted individual who has a gift for the green. Congratulations Punnic.

We all know that here at the school arcane magic is king, but who can survive without good health? Sarre Debic keeps a close eye in the healers ward and under her tender mercies many have even recovered! She tells me that Illasan Yanzit has devoted herself to administering to the sick and wounded and has volunteered all year in the healing ward, even mending my broken toe! Thanks! So She has earned “The Ruby heart award” Congratulations and good work!

Sarre Debic also tells me that there was one other face she saw a lot of during the school year. This student managed 3 broken wrists, 2 broken ribs, 4 concussions and a week in a coma after a 80’ fall off the windy tower, and he still managed to graduate. Congratulations Waddi Levareis, you have earned the broken bone award, please don’t earn it again next year!

And finally, how do you quantify an excellent student? punctuality, thirst for knowledge, compassion or popularity? It often takes days of debate before we can decide upon the “Pellmar’s Star” that single finest student in the school. Unlike the other awards this one comes with a full years scholarship! But this year the vote was quick and unanimous, Polly Blaken. You have singularly impressed every one of your teachers with your yearning for and grasp of the arcane, your willingness to help your fellow student and your unceasing devotion to ethical perfection have shown you to be truly worthy of this award, congratulations you are Pellmar star!

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Awards ceremony

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