Bysan Circle

The Circle of Shore
Location: 1/2 day ride south along the coast from Bysan
Description: Soft sand and clumps of grass surround the 24-10’ tall pillars joined with a 1’ smooth circular crown. The ground is covered in slate flagstones and blowing sand. the central feature is a fountain of a mermaid.
Focus: The druids that are drawn to the shore are enamored with the small and tiny life, the transitions between water, sand and grass, the life of the tide pool and the cry of gulls. Shore druids draw from the powers of crab and seaweed, surf and riptide, they breath in the wave and out the gale.
Keeper: Pires Kona (1/2 elf druid/8)
Lair abilities: 5th: tidal wave 10th: Control winds 15th: Control weather


Druid characters D&D 5.0

Know weather: At 2nd level shore druids can spend 1 minute meditating and accurately predict what the next 24 hours of natural weather will be like. This cannot account for magical weather manipulation.

Bonus cantrip: At 2nd level shore druids gain Gust as a bonus cantrip that does not count against their cantrips known.

Carapace At 6th level you grow a Carapace which grants you a + 4 Ac but a – 2 dexterity.

Shores form: At 10th level 1/day you can choose a form below and gain that ability for a number of rounds equal to your wisdom modifier. This refreshes with a long rest.

Crab claws Your hands transform into crab claws that can attack or grapple, 3d8 Damage
seaweed hair your hair transfrms into a writhing mass of seaweed that can Grapple anyone within 5’ with a successful attack
Mermaids Tail You grow a fish tail and gain a swim speed of 40’
Gills You grow gills and can breath underwater
Gulls wings Your arms transform into great wings and gives you a 40’ fly speed, but you cannot carry anything or use your hands for spellcasting

Ebb and flow At 14th level 1/day shore druids can give advantage on all D20 rolls to a number of allies equal to their wisdom modifier for one round, followed by a round of disadvantage on all D20 rolls. This effect last a number of rounds equal to your druid level. This refreshes with a long rest.
For example at 14th level the party would experience 7 rounds of advantage and 7 rounds of disadvantage but no two continuous rounds can be the same.

Bysan Circle

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