Dinner Reception

Okam Poterin makes a point of creating an extra special meal for the graduation ceremony. despite the simple soundings he and his mephitis try to hit tit out of the park. The plates and silverware are all steel because the steam mephits wash all the dishes, the fire and magma mephits keep the ovens and stoves hot, the salt mephits help as prep cooks and servers.
Once everyone is seated he offers a 4 course meal that is a once in a life time experience.

The appetizer is mini veal and parsley pies with candied carrots cut in moon and star shapes
The soup course is a bay muscle soup with sun dried tomatoes and potatoes and peppers
For the main course he makes smoked eel on a skewer with cherry tomatoes and parsnip puffs, jalapenos stuffed with cheese and shrimp, and butter brazed cauliflower.
and lastly brandy soaked pear pie with a brown sugar graham crust and raisins drizzled with sweet cream.

After the meal every one heads out to Dera Pond to watch the fireworks show.

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Dinner Reception

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