Lake Omacre Circle

The Circle of Travel
Location: A hard days ride west of Notgam on the western shore of lake Omacre
Description: A tight enclosed circle with a single massive obelisk in the center. It sits just off the western shore and is surrounded in thick bush and bramble, almost invisible to passers by unless there are quite perceptive.
Focus: Nature has imbues the natural world with the most stunning array of movement abilities. The Travel druid studies them all, and not just in his wild shape.
Keeper: Imare Fallenstar (1/2 Elf Druid/12)
Lair abilities: 5th: Jump 10th: Freedom of movement 15th: Plane shift


Druid characters D&D 5.0

Druid walk: At 2nd level the Travel druid is not hindered by difficult terrain, and when travelling over long distances he can add half his druid level into the number of miles he can travel by foot in a day.
For example a 6th level druid with druid walk can cover 27 miles in a day at a normal pace.

Climb: At 6th level you gain a climb speed equal to your land speed.

Swim: At 10th level you gain 10’ of land movement and a swim speed equal to 1/2 your land movement.

Fly At 14th level you gain 40’ fly speed, this is magical flight.

Lake Omacre Circle

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