Leopold De'kinas

Aasimar Paladin/5
Physical Description: While not a overwhelming good looking man, Leopold has the unique feature of having eyes of solid gold, no iris, or pupil can be seen. His hair is shoulder length and black and he is on the shorter side. When preparing for battle he is quite the sight on his pure white charger, his gold dragon hide full plate armor and a mighty scimitar that sparkles with silver stars and dancing celestial runes.

Personality: One of the many followers of the king and a member of the Silver swords Leopold has come a long way from his sexually abusive past. He is a champion of children and will take up any causes in which suffering and abuse are the common themes. His charity and good will are only matched by his intolerant rectitude towards immorality. He tends to be brash and hot headed running of to do what he knows is right even if he doesn’t have permission.

Position: While he is not yet a captain or even a highly ranked member, he is the current rising star who will probably be the next captain, one day. But for right now he is the current watchdog.

Tactics: While he has a general understanding of battle tactics he is as subtle as a dwarven hammer, preferring head on solutions to all of life’s little problems.

Leopold De'kinas

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