Leyl Pettew

Elf Paladin/17
Physical Description: Tall and wiry even for an elf. Leyl keeps his platinum blond hair cropped very short. Whether he is at home and dressing in the fineries of the court or on the battle field in full plate mail, Leyl is never seen without his black riding gloves, enchanted to summon his mount.

Personality: In court Leyl is known for his vicious wit and charm with the ladies, but he can be a very direct and forceful man who is used to getting his way when he is away from the pomp and circumstance of court. While he is given to preferring diplomacy over violence he has also never shied away from a chance to cross steel.

Position: Leyl is the Captain of the Silver swords and the appointed heir of the kingdom. He is also the Kings best friend and confidante. Some have accused him of being a little “more” than just the right hand man of the king, but that is just rumor, in all actuality Leyl has been on a secret quest for several years trying to locate the kings lost love. He also operates the “information” gathering network for the king.

Tactics: A brilliant tactician Lely is aware at all times of his surrounding terrain and will use it to his advantage. He uses spies whenever possible to gain an upper hand and to avoid being surprised. He can summon his mount and escape or fight as necessary.

Leyl Pettew

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