Mistyvale woods Circle

The Circle of communication
Location: About a day away from Two Peaks to the north and Tydra to the east
Description: the mistyvale woods circle is in the transition zone between the plains and the forest, the circle itself is made of 7 pairs of upright stones each with a cap stone in a horseshoe shape
Focus: The druids who worship at the circle of communication love to learn languages, understanding how all things in nature communicate. The listen to the stories of the trees, the songs on the bees and the whispers of the winds.
Keeper: Alesn Manac (Elf Druid/16)
Lair abilities: 5th: Speak with animals 10th: Speak with plants 15th: Telepathic bond


Druid characters D&D 5.0

Bonus proficiencies: At 2nd you may choose 2 bonus languages. and you add twice you proficiency bonus to any language based skill roll for languages you know.

Tongues At 6th level 1/day you have the ability Tongues like the spell, with a duration equal to you wisdom modifier in hours. This only affects the druid.

Animal messenger: At 10th level you gain the services of a tiny beast like a bat, crow, weasel or field mouse. This little guy can relay any message you give him and will seek out and person and location you can describe to them that you are familiar with. When they arrive and find the recipient it speaks in your voice and repeats what you told it. It cannot answer questions or make decisions about what information to deliver, but it can hold up to one minute of message. It can also receive a reply from the person in question and will faithfully repeat everything he heard when it returns to you. this guy is your constant companion and if he dies he is replaced by another messenger within 48 hours. while normally only used to relay messages they can carry very small items like rings or coins in little custom pouches. These messengers can travel about 50 miles per 24 hours for a flying messenger, or 25 miles for other animals and will continue until they reach their destinations. If the location is on another plane, inaccessible, the recipient is dead, disguised or un-locatable the messenger returns to its master, the message undelivered.

Words across the void: At 14th level you can send a message similar to the spell, however you can target anyone, anywhere on any plane of existence. No material blocks this type of message, however magical silence can force the spell to fail by default. you can use this ability a number of times equal to your wisdom modifier.

Mistyvale woods Circle

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