Standard Races

Race Population % # towns/ cities controlled by race
Human 45% 35
Elf-kin 20% 8
Orc-kin 17% 2
Dwarf 8% 2
Halfling 2% 3
Gnome 1% 2
Puggii 1% 2
Rayyll 1% 3
Kanwan >1% 1
Maracket >1% 3
Wakanda >1% 0
other races 2% 1

Humans: The most populous of the races, 45% of intelligent humanoids in Daytar Leamay are Human. Humans come in a range of skin tones, from milky white to yellow, brown and dark brown. Their eye colors are blue green and brown and they range in height from 5’- 6’2" Their hair colors include blond, brown, black and red.

Elf: The second most common race and 1/2 race. Elves are on the tall side (5’6" – 6’8") but tend to be willowy and thin. Their skin tones are all pale white with a hint of yellow, blue or pink (occasionally green), their eyes are gem toned and slanted and their ears are sharply pointed.Their hair is golden, silver, wood toned or black.

Dwarf: It is often commented that it is impossible, without being rude, to discover if the dwarf you taking with is male or female as they both have great bellies and beards. The Dwarven city of Hammerdrier is a marvel of engineering. Dwarven skin is ruddy and thick and always seems dirty, Their eyes are brown or green and their hair is red, brown or black.

Halflings: Tucked away in the Trivale towns its easy to overlook the halflings (cuz their so short!) Their skin is milky white, their eyes are green blue or orange and their hair is blond, brown or black and their ears are slightly pointed.

Gnomes While gnomes are rather rare, they do occasionally leave their comfortable tiny homes for the adventuring life. Their skin is pale with tones of orange, particularly when they tan. Their eyes are jeweled toned like elves, but their hair can come in a variety of bright colors that seem to defy nature; red, green, blue, purple, orange, yellow.

Orc and 1/2 Orc While few full blooded orcs live inside the kingdom, preferring to stay in the Dark forest, the Badlands and The Steppes, their spawn is strangely common in the nation. Their skin tones tend to green, olive or brown, they have brown or black eyes and Black hair. They have pronounced lower canine teeth and pointed ears. The often smell bad as well, but that may be from lack of bathing.

Other Races Many other races exist around Daytar Leamay, Goblin-kin, Assimar, Tiefling, Oread, Sylph, Ifrit, Undine, Drow, Druggar, Centaur, half- anything, and many others. However, legally these peoples “personhood” must be established under the law by a justicar and papers drawn to prove so. They are not assumed to have the rights of other races without these official documents.

Unique Races

  • Kanwan: A smaller version of a centaur with goat like features. Living deep in the northern mountains the Kanwan excel being sure and fleet footed.
  • Marackets: a mix of an elf and a small flightless waterfowl, they are curious and filled with wanderlust, they live on a series of tropical islands just off the southern coast. Often mistaken for Drow.
  • Puggii: A desert dwelling canine race who value honor, courage, water and a good meal above all else.
  • Rayyl: a reclusive southern mountain dwelling bird race, resembling owls. They are rather snobby and dislike visitors. Descended form an ancient awakened animal companion they focus on the mind over the body.
  • Wakanda: A reclusive bear like race who live in the Dark Forest. They possess a unique ability to change their size.
  • WereJaguar: The last members of the Paymar family line, only 2 living werejaguars are know to exist! They reside in and around Grennta.


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