Seal Masters

The seal master is much like the standard Summoner except that in exchange for a single eidolon, they possess the names of many individually summon-able creatures.

A Seal masters BAB, Saves, and Spells per day are the same as Summoner

Special Abilities
1 Cantrips, Summon Monster 1, Named Seals, Specific Summoning
2 Bond senses, Augment Summoning Bonus Feat
3 Summon Monster 2
4 Shield Ally
5 Summon Monster 3
6 Refreshing Call
7 Summon Monster 4
8 Transposition
9 Summon Monster 5
10 Extended Summon
11 Summon Monster 6
12 Greater Shield Ally
13 Summon Monster 7
14 Gate Walker
15 Summon Monster 8
16 Merge Forms
17 Summon Monster 9
18 Summon Shield
19 Gate
20 Fused Seals

Named Seals At first level a Seal master learns to prepare a set of daily seals from paper, wax or clay equal to the number of Summoning spells he has prepared for the day. Each of these seals has engraved on them the name of the specific creature to be summoned. Seals not used the previous day can kept, but do not add extra spells, only representing today’s slots (you cannot stockpile them) As full round action that provokes an attack of opportunity the summoner can break a seal to summon his specific creature. The creature may act on this turn so long as the summoner takes no further actions (Concentration DC:15+ sp lvl) it acts on the last initiative for the first round and on the seal masters initiative for all other rounds.
Seals cannot be used to summon a generic creature. If a seal is used to summon a creature that was banished less than 3 days ago the spell fails and is lost. A seal cannot be used to gate, nor can it have the eschew materials metamagic feat applied to it. This replaces Life link

Specific Summoning: At 1st level, When you cast summoning spells instead of receiving a generic creature of that race, you can receive a specific creature that you have gotten to know and can name, summing this creature represents a contract you have made with this creature to call on them. These creatures are the same alignment as you and you cannot summon one who’s alignment is normally opposed to yours. This creature is capable of receiving xp, treasure, and other upgrades and expects such as a reward for his service to you. The standard contract is 10% of the experience points and treasure taken from the summoners share, for each engagement they take part in. however incredibly dangerous missions may be renegotiated on the spot.
A creature that has been banished by death or a banishment spell cannot return to the same plane for 3 days, except by way of a refreshing call. Effects of the summoner class that effect their eidolon effect these summoned creatures instead, when a summoner receives evolution points or ability increases for their eidolon, the seal master must choose which of their named friends receives those upgrades and applies them accordingly, once chosen it cannot be changed.
Seal Masters keep a journal of names of creatures they can summon, At first level this journal has 3+Cha modifier # of names of creatures they can summon. At every level they can add 2 more names of creatures they can summon to the list. Seal masters can add to this list any time they come across list names of other summoners, or an outside of the correct type willingly gives them their name. Seal masters are NOT required to summon specific creatures if they don’t want to and only wish to receive a generic creature but those creatures do not gain the eidolon advantages. This replaces Eidolon.

Augment Summoning: At 2nd level they receive Augment Summoning as a bonus feat. This replaces Bond Senses

Refreshing Call: At 6th level, once per day plus one additional time per day for every four levels beyond 6th. A seal master may call a creature who was banished less than 3 days ago, fully refreshed. If the creature dies again, it cannot be summoned for 5 days even with a refreshing call. This replaces Makers call.

Extended Summon: At 10th level all the summoning spells cast for specific creatures by the seal master have their duration doubled. This replaces Aspect.

Gate Walker: At 14th level you have become so efficient at opening and closing the gates between the worlds that you can apply that to yourself and your companions. You gain the spell Dimension Door as an at will/ spell like ability. You can apply this movement to your specific creature without having to touch them. This replaces Life Bond.

Summoning shield: At 18th level engraved on your seals is a new glyph, it produces a mystical shield around yourself similar to Sanctuary (as sp) while your casting summoning spells, this is an instantaneous effect that happens when you break your seal and lasts 1/round per level. Furthermore your specific creatures gain a + 4 deflection bonus to their AC as long as the sanctuary spell is in effect. This replaces Greater Aspect

Fused Seals: At 20th level, they may write extra names of creatures on one seal. Seal masters can write up to as many names on a seal as he has Charisma modifier. Each name takes up an appropriate level spell slot. All of these spells must be within 1 level of each other. The DC for the concentration check is + 4 due to the intense concentration needed to bring out 2 creatures at once. This replaces Twin Eidolon

Seal Masters

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