Shadows Breath

Some would say some form of this group has always existed, but its current incarnation its been around since the founding of the city of Hammerdrier, over 800 yrs ago. These few dwarves choose to focus their lives not on mining or production but rather on the seedier side of life. They steal, they extort and they lie (often). Their function in this somewhat closed society is to balance the nobility and keep everyone in check. If there’s a dirty job to get done the shadows breath will take care of it for you. If you need something “retrieved” they’ll conveniently “find” it for you, all the while they’ll be picking your pocket. Nobody likes them, but almost everyone needs them form time to time.


  • Petir Orehand (R12): His small but effective group of thieves and assassins, keep things between merchants.

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Shadows Breath

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