The Cannibal Cooking Club

This unusual group was only created about 10 years ago by a very bored vampire-succubus named Zannadu Since he was stuck on the material plane he figured why not have a little fun. He then met Ooga and their friendship blossomed, and Zan created this club to honor her predilection of eating anything she killed. He searched out others that would enjoy her special type of cooking and soon it became a regular thing. Soon they added the fun of scavenger hunts and pot lucks for everyone’s enjoyment. Many of the members keep trophies and skins from their kills.
The CCC meets every 2-3 months and always in a different place. no one even knows how they know to show up.

Leaders and Members: There are only 16 members total, but here are a few.
Zannadu: (vampire, succubus) Stuck on the material plane by a woman only know as The Ice Queen he has nothing better to do but amuse himself with whichever evil people he can find and wreak havoc on the kingdom. He figures encouraging the consumption of intelligent creatures is one way to achieve that, using the club to do self interested assassinations is another way. All with the goal of getting the king mad enough at him to come out and play with him.

Jason Harramany:(1/2 ifrit Warlock) Jason has left a swath of defiled women in his wake. A rapist and murderer Jason is wanted in almost every surface city. He was born a natural human but through very dark magic has absorbed parts of a fire elementals soul giving him the Half Elemental Template. He would be the rightful heir to the kingdom if he wasn’t a wanted criminal.

Ooga Spearchucker: (1/2 Orc Half Elemental, Bard) Ooga has always been an outsider of one sort or another, she was reviled as a weakling in the orcish camps and distrusted by humans Ooga seeks peace in the wild where she can drum, dance and kill without distractions. Ooga believes strongly in the concepts of cannibalism and will eat almost any meat, though she prefers elf. Her drum skin was created from an elf’s rear end which she strokes lovingly when not playing. She’s known for the preparation of Jerky from her kills in the wild and will often share her jerky with unsuspecting others (especially elves!) Like Jason Ooga’s Half Elemental Template comes from dark vile magic performed with Zan.

Count Krytos: (Tiefling, Aristocrat) Krytos is a very 2 faced man, on one side he’s a loyal subject and upstanding member of the nobility with lands and responsibilities and on the other he’s a sick an twisted sociopath who enjoys flaying people alive, the more pure and innocent the better.

Damit Starlight: (Druggar, Demologist) Damit is a raging egomaniac who answers to no one and has indulged his every last nasty wish without a drop of regret. As a demologist he often makes blood sacrifices to the entities he works with and shows little hesitation to taking it just one step further, or two if the need arises. He lives in Derringer City but still manages to attend occasional events, he introduced Zan and Caladrin.

Lunas: (werewolf, ranger) Born with his affliction he has been ostracized from civil society his whole life. Though still only 16yrs old Lunas has show himself to be a enthusiastic member looking on Zan and Ooga as a kindly aunt and uncle. After his village was slaughtered by “heroes” Zan and Ooga took care of him. Like many of his kind Lunas has a “temper problem” that once roused can only be sated with blood.

Caladrin: (Drow Cleric) Exiled at a young age from her home in the Cavernous Kingdoms Caladrin is a vicious and evil thing that takes extreme joy in blackmail, torture and killing. She will expertly twist and bend peoples will to do her bidding, forcing them to bring her what she desires. She worships Leanta darksun and in her honor leads the “religious” component of the group. She personally feels obligated to serve up a sacrifice to her on a nearly weekly basis and often bathes and masturbates in the blood of her victims.

Training and levels:
This is really a social club and offers no training or level advancement, they do however enjoy sharing recipes.
D&D 5.0 Backgrounds: Any
Pathfinder World traits Cannibal

There is no official base or regular location, instead Zan lets everyone know where to meet about 4 days before the actual event. The location is always somewhere out in the middle of nowhere unless their going after a specific target. Once everyone has gathered to the location Zan takes them inside his [[Zannadu’s Tiny hut|tiny hut]] for the feast and frolic.

Getting in:
There’s only one way to be offered entrance. At some point Zan must read the entrants mind and discover the true desire or actual recollection of cannibalism. If he discovers that he will introduce himself and make a membership offer. If the offer is accepted the only thing the new member must do is receive the groups brand which all members wear. The branding is done with Zan’s silver ring which has the groups logo on it. If any member of The Silver Swords sees this brand they will try to arrest the person immediately.
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The Cannibal Cooking Club

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