The High desert Circle

The Circle of Endurance
Location: The High desert, a days hard ride north of Mountain view
Description: The circle is formed in a basin with 12 wind-blasted sandstone pillars surrounding it, all the sand stone here is alternating between orange and golden. The Altar on the center is a highly carved pedestal of obsidian.
Focus: Very few can see the beauty buried in one of the most dangerous extreme environments in the kingdom, but for those who can, the benefits of the starkness is the strength gained from its endurance.
Keeper: Baxa Janic (Tiefling Druid/9)
Lair abilities: 5th: Create or Destroy Water 10th: Death Ward 15th: Regenerate


Druid characters D&D 5.0

Endurance training: At 2nd level you gain proficiency with athletics and gain advantage on all saving throws against exhaustion

Emergency health: At 6th level 1/day as a reaction or bonus action you can expend a spell slot to give yourself 1d8 hit points per spell level expended, this also relieves any exhaustion conditions. This refreshes with a short or long rest.

Oasis: At 10th level 1/day you can create a small oasis to rest at. Shade, water and simple but nutritious food (like dates) appears and lasts for 1 hour. The food and water is enough for a number of people equal to your druid level. This ability only refreshes with a long rest.

Death ward: At 14th level The first time each day that the druid would drop to 0 hit points as a result of taking damage, the druid instead drops to 1 hit point. This refreshes with a short or long rest.

The High desert Circle

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