The Ti Dar Monastery

History: A reasonably new addition the Ti’dar monastery has only been around for the last 90 years. A place of seclusion and meditation the monastery offers training in the martial arts as well as some Cleric training if you know who to ask. The monastery also keeps a large shrine to Kellan as the monks here revere him even when their not clerics. The training here is free, but does require a high level of devotion to be accepted.
Many of the students who live here everyday have forsaken their friends and family to seek their enlightenment. Some come here as orphans or forsaken by their families, given to the monastery while they are still infants, most of these children are 1/2 breeds. Those raised by the monks who live here are given an intense education in both the martial arts and strategy as well as spiritual devotion. Most live their entire lives within the monastery walls. Many of the Monks and Clerics take a variety of vows including poverty, and abstinence.
Built at the top of the Dragonfalls above Silverwren lake the monastery has one of the most awe inspiring views in the kingdom. The stairs leading up to the monastery are said to have 2000 steps all of them very steep.

Leaders and members:
Master Xin Po (Human Monk/19 {Yin Yang style }) A truly peaceful and Zen individual who trains others to find their inner peace. He is the head master of the Monastery
Refann Leck (Tiefling Boulder style/16) The Boulder style Master and gardner
Sunna Ka (1/2 orc Monk/15 ( Bell style) The Bell master
Tyrral Leafsong (Elf Monk/12 ( Tree Style))
Sy Maywone (Human Cleric/12 {Kellan})
Pew We Renn (Gnome Monk 11 ( Scorch Style)
Ree LaWren (Human Monk 10 (Waterfall Style) The Children’s mentor
Sir Loyron Mig (Human Librarian/9) Master of the Library
Koran 3.5 /Path (Dwarf Monk/5) Dwarven Diplomat
Jo ill (Human Monk/1): A devotee who mans the doors and stables.

Training and Levels:
Training here is free (though donations are helpful) and they have a variety of masters who teach the eastern martial arts. hand in hand with the worship of Kellan. They honor strength and devotion and their training styles takes years. most devotee’s take 5-6 years before they consider themselves ready for the trial of “carrying the bell” required to be initiated as a Monk (or cleric) of Kellen.
Classes Only Clerics and Monks
Backgrounds D&D 5.0: Prerequisite: Carried the Bell Background
Pathfinder World traits Outrider, Night watch, mountain dweller, Mountains shadow, monastery life, Carried the Bell

Initiation: Carry a 150lb brass bell from one of the satellite temples or from the monastery up to the top of Tremmblin peak and back. The Bell carriers initiation ceremony is timed to coincide with the Rite of Balance in early spring.

The Ti Dar Monastery is apx 16 miles north of the Lointon Ridge safe house off the Ice Reach Pass at the top of The Dragonfalls on a ledge overlooking Silverwren lake. Smaller temples of Kellan are scattered around the kingdom.

Getting in:
Acolyte’s may serve the monastery as long as they desire in rolls of student, care taker, or any other labor, but to be known as a monk of Kellan one must undergo a trial of strength known as “Carring the Bell”
Each and every Monk of Kellan or Cleric of Kellan has carried their Bell and placed it in the Ti Dar monastery where it is kept until they die. These Brass bells range from 100-250lbs depending on the devotees strength (meant to push their limits but not break them) They must carry them either from a different temple or shrine of Kellan to the Ti Dar monastery or from the Monastery to the Top of Tremmblin peak and back. These bells are tended to and rung by the Bell master, Sunna Ka, and his students. Once a Monk or Cleric of Kellan passes on his bell is melted, his remains (if any exist) are mixed into the molten brass and it is recast as a statue of Kellan at seated in lotus position and placed in the gardens around Silverwren Lake. There are 27 such statues currently in the garden, Including Master Fo Lee Sicmarana.


The Ti Dar Monastery

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